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Relax outdoors in a daybed

What could be more luxurious than having a daybed to relax on when it's sunny and hot. You can design and build your own daybed using a variety of materials.


If you have welding experience, you can design a bed using square or round steel. While the average DIY-er will use timber to build a day bed - don't this you are limited in any way. Take a look at some of these gorgeous daybeds and then pop into your local Builders Warehouse to buy what you need...

If you think about it, a daybed is nothing more than a basic bed with an elevated frame to support a fabric awning and is a fairly simple DIY project. Using a basic daybed plan you can modify the design to suit your own requirements.

As an alternative to a simple fabric awning for a daybed you can incorporate hanging drapes that fall around the bed to create a haven from the sun, or a private sanctuary.

In a small garden or courtyard, where space is limited, a single-size daybed will still offer a luxurious resting place without taking up too much room.

Points to consider:


The choice of material for your daybed is important. Pine is the most affordable but also least durable. Meranti or Saligna are more expensive but also far more durable materials for outdoor furniture, as is Teak.

The problem is finding these in the quantity you need to assemble a daybed. You will find a selection of Meranti boards and planks at your local Builders Warehouse.


Just as important as the timber or wood that you select to make your daybed, finishing ensures the structure is protected from the elements. Having gone to all the trouble to make a daybed, it also makes sense to beautify and protect to extend the life.

Fabrics & Soft Furnishings

If the daybed is going to spend its life outdoors you need to look at drapes and awnings that can be easily removed and stored when not in use.

It's a good idea to use natural fabrics such as linen or cotton for drapes, as these will not fade under UV light. Alternatively, you can now buy a range of outdoor fabrics at your fabric store.

The easiest way to attach drapes and awnings to a day bed is either with a curtain rail or pole mounted on the inside of the frame, with ties at each corner, or with velcro.

When you consider that a daybed can cost from R8,000 upwards, imaging the cost saving for a DIY option.