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Pave your outdoors with Porcelain Pavers

Whether you set your patio and paths on grass, gravel and stone or on a cement base, porcelain pavers allow you to design your outdoor spaces as you would your indoor living areas.


Porcelain paving stones that you can install outdoors allow you to create a stylish entertainment area, outdoor dining space, or a beautiful patio where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of our gorgeous weather.

A new range of porcelain pavers has been launched that let you easily install a low-maintenance outdoor space that is extremely durable and easy to keep clean. These outdoor pavers are resistant to acids, including bleach and chlorine, as well as other toxic chemicals and general household cleaners.  

Unlike conventional cement or concrete pavers, porcelain pavers are fired at high temperatures to give them a very high breaking point. Add to that that porcelain pavers give you a designer look for your outdoor spaces that can flow seamlessly to the inside of your home.

For increased durability, bedding the 2cm porcelain pavers on cement or adhesive base lets you drive over the surface if you want to extend your outdoor area to a driveway. This type of installation process creates a solid base, even for high traffic conditions.

Porcelain pavers should be laid by qualified installers to ensure the correct laying procedure and performance of these tiles. The method for installing porcelain pavers includes levelling and compacting the substrate before application, as well as correct spacing (minimum 2 to 3mm gap between pavers).

After installation, porcelain pavers require no maintenance other than periodic cleaning with a hose pipe and clean water. The pavers do not need to be sealed and any stubborn stains can be removed with a soft brush and hot water.

Use porcelain pavers for your outdoor areas to provide a stylish flooring option for outdoor dining or entertaining. These tiles are easy to install or move around and also offer the perfect solution for stepping stones and paths. 

Porcelain and quartz pavers are available in 600 x 600mm squares (4 colours) with a non-slip surface, or 600 x 120mm paver. Other sizes are also available in the range, including a simulation sleeper wood with non-slip surface.



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