Woodoc water-borne deck sealer

Woodoc have done it again, with a range of Woodoc water-borne exterior sealers that offer maximum protection for decks and exterior timber.



Woodoc is a brand name synonymous with quality when it comes to interior and exterior sealers. Now they have launched Woodoc Water-Borne Deck, an exterior sealer than uses water as a carrier rather than solvents and that offers South African users the most advanced international technology to protect decks from the harsh South African sun and extreme weather.



Woodoc Water-Borne Deck contains UV-absorbers and the tough protective finish resists wear and all weather conditions for easier deck maintenance that lasts all year round. And when you consider that decks have to withstand not only extreme weather but also daily foot traffic, you need to finish your deck in a product that offers the most benefits.





We put Woodoc Water-Borne Deck to the test on a deck that hadn't be looked after for a few years. The wood was showing signs of age and was brittle and dry, plus, the ends of all the decking planks were starting to become raised as a result of excess water absorption at the ends.

The first step was to use 80-grit sanding pads to level out the surface of the deck. You don't want decking planks that curve up at the ends, as this causes water to pool down the middle of the planks and decking can become very slipper. Once the planks were level they were sanded again with 120-grit sanding pads to smooth the finish.

Sanding beforehand is recommended for all decks when applying Woodoc Water-Borne Deck. Start off with a 80-grit to remove old paint, sealer or varnish and finish with 120-grit to smooth new and old decks.



You need to have a clean, smooth surface to work with, so after sanding brush down before you start. Wood must be clean, dry and smooth prior to application.







While you can apply Woodoc Water-Bourne Deck directly onto the wood, the use of Woodoc Water-Borne Plus-Life Primer forms a protective, wood binding foundation that considerably extends the life of the deck sealer, which means you have to maintain less - good news for those of you with large decks. The primer is easy to apply and dries quickly. Follow the instructions on the container for proper application.



Once the primer is dry you are ready to apply Woodoc Water-Borne Deck. Not to be confused with water-based sealer, this product uses water as a carrier for the unique formulation of resins that enhance and protect a timber deck. The non-yellowing formula maintains the original colour if you only want to protect wood, or you can choose from a variety of tinted colours.



The new solvent-free product is far easier to use and dries much faster, yet offers improved durability and a tough protective finish. A total of 3 coats of product are applied, with a light sanding between the first and second coats.

It is important to apply the product liberally, particularly on the end grain and, in this instance, along the edges of the decking. 



We applied Teak low gloss on the deck and a 5 litre container covered a 4 x 4 metre square deck (3 coats).


  • ◊ Work early morning or late afternoon or wear a wide-brim hat and put on plenty of sunscreen.
  • ◊ Don't start sanding or apply product if there is any chance of rain.

Visit www.Woodoc.com for more information on the full range of Woodoc products that you will find on the shelf at your local Builders store.