Restore your deck for the holidays

Depending on the type of wood used for your deck installation you may have a deck that is looking worn and faded and definitely not the beautiful deck that was originally installed. Wood needs a regular application of nourishing treatments to protect and preserve, so here's how to get your wood deck looking good for the holidays.


A high-pressure spray, or a hose pipe and soft scrubbing brush, is the first step in restoring a grubby deck. A high-pressure spray makes light work of this task and removes layers of built-up grime quickly. A high-pressure spray doesn't use as much water as a conventional hose, so do yourself a favour if you have a large deck area, and invest in one... spoil yourself this December!

The new range of Bosch High-pressure sprays can be used for a variety of outdoor projects. Use for cleaning a deck and paving, washing down garden furniture, removing flaking and peeling paint, and for blowing and cleaning lawns. After washing, allow plenty of time for the wood to dry thoroughly before adding any products.

While some hardwoods contain natural oils that keep them looking good for longer and may not necessarily require finishing, most other hardwoods need a regular application of wood preservative or sealer. Notice that I haven't listed varnish here, and for good reason.

The Woodoc range offers a variety of options for restoring and finishing a deck, either in matt, satin or gloss finish depending on your personal choice.

There are many reasons for not finishing a deck with varnish:

  • Varnish is not flexible and does not expand and contract with the wood
  • To re-finish a previously varnished deck you need to remove the old product before applying new
  • Varnish does not nourish or 'plump up' the timber

You will find plenty of tips in our Garden section for restoring, repairing and maintaining a wood deck.

Take a weekend to give your deck the treatment is deserves to have it in tip-top condition for the holidays!



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