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Festive Garden

Add a little magic to your garden for the festive season, or simply to add a little glow to your outdoor entertaining areas.


Balmy summer evenings are perfect for spending evenings outdoors, whether relaxing with your family or entertaining friends. We offer a few lighting tips to add a little magic to your outdoors.

LED fairly lights and rope lights are a wonderfully inexpensive way to add a little magic to your outdoors, and you can put them out for special occasions and celebrations. Make sure to buy exterior-rated lights for outdoors. Builders have a selection of solar fairy lights in white and multi colour that require no electrical connection - only the power of the sun. Charge them up during the day and let them shine over your celebrations in the evenings.

Solar-powered lights are perfect for gardens. Use them to accentuate an interesting feature in the garden, or to add that special ambiance to your outdoor celebrations. In the main, solar powered lights aren't very bright, but they do shed a gentle glow on the surrounding area.

OR fill mason jars or empty food jars with battery-powered fairy lights to create a magical chandelier.

OR for an instant festive touch, place battery-powered fairly lights into a large glass vase.


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