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Great DIY patio ideas

As South Africans, we spend a lot of our time outdoors, so it makes sense to design an outdoor space - a patio - that provides everything we need for spending time in the garden relaxing or entertaining friends and family. In this feature we take a look at great DIY patio ideas and patio designs that are manageable for the DIY-er.

Colourful and fun, this exterior space designed by Vanessa De Vargas takes up minimal space yet provides plenty of space for a small family. The timber gazebo is topped off with slats for a shady spot out of the sun, and an open fireplace provides heat for cool evenings outdoors.

Add colour to a plain patio with bright accessories in a myriad of shades. I love the fibreglass sheeting that tops off this small patio... it also adds colour and sets the mood for fun entertaining.





You will find a selection of affordable materials for roofing a casual patio. Think bamboo and grass and then dress this up with gorgeous fabrics.

Gravel is an inexpensive and easy option for patio flooring. Simply clear away the space, lay down landscape netting (to prevent weeds) and toss down some gravel... voila! Even easier than putting up a timber structure is to set out a shade sail. A quick and simple DIY option for a patio - attach two sides to anchors mounted into one wall and the third side can be mounted to a log pole cemented into the ground.



Who wouldn't enjoy relaxing in a day bed on a hot summer's day. A cool glass of wine and a refreshing dip are just what the doctor ordered! .


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