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Deck in need of TLC?

Refinishing your deck regularly, usually every eight to twelve months, avoids cracking and splintering of the wood, keeping the surface of the deck attractive and safe. Check out Woodoc's guidelines for refinishing a deck.


Cleaning and Preparation

Like so many other projects, successfully refinishing your deck depends on good preparation. That means first thoroughly cleaning/stripping the deck beforehand. There are several ways to clean a wood deck, and, depending upon the condition of your deck, you may need more than one method.

Treat badly weathered wood

Use Woodoc Wood Reviver to clean and rejuvenate wood damaged by exposure to weather and the elements. The packaging contains everything that you will need to apply and treat damaged wood. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for correct application. After the use of Woodoc Wood Reviver, the wood must be allowed to dry out completely – up to two weeks – depending on the weather, before it is sealed/treated.

Remove old sealer

Sand or strip the surface of the deck to remove all old product. Use mineral turpentine and Woodoc SteelWool to rub the surface of the deck and remove old sealer. It is essential to rub with the grain and not against the grain, as this will scratch the surface of your deck.

Apply new sealer/dressing

Once your deck is clean and dry , it’s time to apply a new finish. Woodoc supply a range of tinted Deck Products. Apply three coats of sealer or dressing. Please follow manufacturer’s instructions on the labels carefully when using Woodoc’s Deck Sealer or Deck Dressing.