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Buying a braai

September is Braai Month, and if you're looking to buy a new braai, here are some tips on choosing the right braai for at home or away.


South Africans love to braai and there's nothing we love more than spending time outdoors, cooking up a feast for family or friends. Whether you love a full-on braai or to simply cook up some humble wors, you get to choose from wood, kettle or gas braai. But how do you know which is the right braai for you? We asked the experts to provide us with tips for each.

Wood Braai

Still the most popular choice with braai enthusiasts, meat cooked over hot coals has a wonderful taste and aroma.

When shopping for a wood braai you have plenty of options to choose from, but you'll want to choose a braai that comes at the right height with an adjustable grid or grill that allows you to cook to perfection. If you braai on a regular basis, you'll also want a braai that's easy to clean - so be on the lookout for a model that has a removable ash tray underneath.

If portability is a requirement, there are portable models that can be folded up and packed away in a jiffy, allowing you to easily set up your braai on a balcony or outdoor picnic.

Kettle Braai

With the introduction of the Weber kettle braai, these models have become a popular choice with many braai enthusiasts, and they come in a range of sizes, so you get to choose the one that's best for you.





When shopping for a kettle braai, go for the best model you can afford. A quality kettle braai is manufactured in thick metal and has layered enamel finishing to ensure longevity. Top of the range models also have a variety of features and accessories that add even more to the braai experience.

With vented lids, a kettle braai is designed to control the flow of heat for even distribution over the cooking area. The kettle braai is a great choice if you prefer to sit back and braai - pop on the lid and let the kettle braai do it's magic.

Gas Braai

While braai purists argue that a gas grill isn't a real braai, its popularity is growing. Many South Africans have grown up with breakfast on the skottel and today, there are gas grills that could produce a gourmet meal that even Gordon Ramsay would be proud of.

Similar in design to the kettle braai, top-end gas grills have domed lids for even heat distribution, a selection of grill and heating plates, and plenty of bells and whistles for those who love to entertain on a regular basis.

After deciding on the braai method you prefer, you can then focus on the design of the braai.

Built-in Braai

Ideal for the patio or entertainment area, a built-in braai is the ultimate luxury. The braai is integrated into an outdoor kitchen as a permanent feature. Visit your local Builders Warehouse to see a selection of braais in different sizes for gas, wood or charcoal.

Portable Braai

If you braai on a balcony, or prefer to have a portable braai, there are plenty of freestanding charcoal and gas braais. These compact models offer portability and easy maneuverability, and are packed with features that make them amazing to cook on. And if you enjoy camping or braaing away from home, portable gas grills are easy to transport.

Freestanding Braai

Whether you braai in the garden, on the deck or patio, the classic freestanding braai is ideal. They're lightweight and easy to move around and offer classic grilling or direct / indirect cooking. Choose from a classic kettle braai or a traditional barrel braai.


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