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Paint concrete slab or patio

There's no reason why you can't paint a design onto a concrete slab or patio, in fact, painting concrete is a quick and easy way to update a boring concrete slab. As long as the finish is in good condition, or only requires a few fix ups here and there, you can paint the slab any colour, and add any design you like.

I found this great patio makeover on keep calm and decorate, and while the products are different, we have comparable products here in SA that you can use for results that look just as good.


Prominent Paving Paint

Mohair roller or paintbrush

Extension pole or broom handle

Masking tape

Polycell Rockset filler


Do yourself - and your back - a favour and add an extension rod to your paintbrush or roller. If the rod doesn't fit snugly into the handle, wrap some duct tape around to secure.

It makes painting floors a breeze and stops you getting backache.





Melissa used a high-power washer to clean the concrete slab before filling the cracks. We recommend that you use Polycell rockset filler. This product is recommended for patching floors where rapid setting is required and once fully cured, the product has a greater compression strength than conventional concrete.

Repaired floors are ready for normal use (vehicular and foot traffic) after one hour. Allow the slab to dry for at least 48 hours before painting.


Allow new concrete to cure for at least 4 weeks before painting. Concrete must be thoroughly cleaned before painting.

For all smooth surfaces, particularly steel floated concrete, apply concrete etch (at your local Builders) before painting.

Where there are greasy spots, use a degreaser to remove oil, grease and other contaminants. Allow to react for 20 minutes then rinse thoroughly with fresh water using a bristle broom. Allow to dry for at least 48 hours or until totally dry.

Before applying floor paint, stir thoroughly with a flat paddle and stir occasionally during use. You can apply Prominent Paving Paint with a paintbrush or roller. Allow at least 2 hour drying time (at 23 °C) between coats.

Once the paint had dried, 40 x 40cm squares were taped off to create the faux tiled effect that you see at the end. The surface must be completely free of dust for the masking tape to stick down nicely, so wipe clean with a lightly damp mop and let dry to ensure it's dust-free before applying the tape.

After the patio was all taped down, the patio was then painted with the top colour. If additional slip resistance is required add Plascon Grip Additive to the paint before application. Follow the instructions on the pack. The tape was remove after 24 hours drying time.

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