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Create the perfect balcony patio

The perfect patio takes planning with a clear idea of what you'll use the space for. Here are a few tips to design a patio that will be perfect for family brunches, an afternoon with friends, or a heart-to-heart on cool evenings.


Design for comfort

Every balcony needs a comfortable space, whether it’s a cosy love seat for two, designer patio swing or hanging chair, or a small patio suite, you want somewhere where you can have a cuppa or glass of wine to catch up with your friends and family , or where you can have some time to yourself with your favourite magazine.

When laying out the area be sure to leave plenty of space for furniture such as side tables and ottomans. These are essential pieces that will help keep the area functional. And don't forget to accessorise with cushions and perhaps a throw or two for warmth and comfort on cool evenings.

To turn a boring spot from flat to fabulous, surround the area with foliage or hanging lanterns. Clusters of candles or solar jars on tables lend a soft romance, while strings of hanging lights laced across walls or draped over a shade cloth of hanging canopy add a touch of whimsy. Or line your stairs or flower boxes with rope lighting.

A central point of interest – whether it’s a small water feature or fire pit – can tie everything together. The trickle of water creates a sense of tranquility that will permeate through your home; on the other hand, you will find guests will naturally gravitate around a fire pit for both the warmth and atmosphere in the evenings.

Make it fabulous

Nothing brings life to a space quite like colour, texture and pattern and it's so easy to introduce these elements using accessories, fabrics and plants.

Clustering plants of different sizes can create a sense of interest while still looking harmonious and considered. Choose your colour palette and group flowers so you have a bold splash, and plan it so plants with similar feeding and water needs are in the same pot.

GOOD TO KNOW: Containers in hot sunny places need a lot of water – more so if the container is small. Also remember that narrow pots are likely to get hotter around the root region than big wide ones.

Add interesting details

Let’s be honest - brick and plaster is boring and how you treat the surrounding walls can completely change the feel of the area. Add interest to your patio area with tile or head in a more rustic direction with decking. Both of these options are durable, resilient to weather and relatively low maintenance.


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