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Stoep gets a makeover

See how a Victorian stoep gets a colourful and much-needed makeover with a few cans of paint.


In many older homes a stoep is a South African staple. It's a shady spot to relax and put you feet up on balmy evenings and hot summer days. If your stoep is in need of a makeover, here's how Annelize Visser of Woodstock, Cape Town, transformed her stoep with paint.

Paint is an affordable and reasonably easy way to update any area in a home, and there are paint products that can be applied to almost any surface. If you're prepared to put in a bit of effort you too can give your stoep a makeover.

For this particular project, the rusty iron burglar bars were removed before preparing walls, floor and roof for painting.


The walls were scraped to remove loose and flaking paint and then a quality exterior paint applied. White was chosen as the main colour to brighten and lighten the space.

GOOD TO KNOW: When visiting your local Prominent Paint store, ask for advice if you're not sure what products to use for a specific project. They will ensure that you take home everything that's needed to finish the job.


The finish on the existing painted floor was flaky and needed to be scraped off before stoep enamel could be applied. Be aware that stoep enamel takes between 4 to 6 hours for hard dry, so be sure to keep kids and pets off the floor until then.


While the roof was still in good condition, it needed to be cleaned with a high pressure hose to remove a build up of dirt and debris. Once dry, Annelize decided to have some fun and turn the roof into a focal point with broad white and grey stripes. Universal primer and exterior paint add the finishing touches for this project.


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