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How to Make a Retractable Patio Canopy

If you plan on building or installing a pergola or carport frame for a patio or entertainment area, this retractable canopy is just the thing to provide shade when you need it.




The YouTube video below explains in an easily understood step-by-step format the process of making and installing a retractable patio canopy. I'm sharing this video because this is something I plan on doing myself sometime in the future, and I'm sure that many of those planning to put in an outdoor area will find that this video uses components are readily available at Builders or hardware stores and it is a fairly comprehensive video that explain everything.

Although the structure in this video is a timber pergola, you could still install the same arrangement for the retractable canopy in a brick or steel frame if you use the right fittings.







A retractable patio canopy like the one shown here, is ideal for when you want to sit in the sun in the morning or afternoon but have some shade during the hottest part of the day. Or perhaps you like to take lunch outdoors during the summer months and just want a bit of shade over the dining table. A retractable canopy can be open or closed as and when you need it.








3mm dia. Flexible Stainless Steel Cable

2-Post Wire Rope Clip Cable Clamp

Hook & Eye Turnbuckle

40mm Steel Screw In Vine Eyes

25mm Steel Screw In Vine Eyes

Screw-In Ceiling Hook, 100mm

Carabiner Hooks 6 x 60mm



Cordless Drill/Driver plus assorted bits

Tape Measure and pencil









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