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Set the outdoor table for alfresco dining

Warm summer days and cool evenings normally mean family gatherings or lunch or dinner with friends. Decorate and prepare a beautiful table for your family or guests with alfresco dining infused with colour and atmosphere.


Pink polka dot and blue gingham crockery for a romantic girly get-together on a hot summer afternoon. A limewashed table doesn't need anything else and provides the perfect canvas for all things feminine. Don't forget to add fresh garden flowers to the setting.

Take advantage of our beautiful weather and start spending more time outdoors on the patio, in the shade of a tree, or under a gazebo. A colourful dining table filled with delicious food and laid for casual dining is just the thing for cool dining on a hot day.

If your dining table is looking worse for wear, don't panic. Grab a can or two of Rust-Oleum 2X or Universal spray paint and add instant colour to your garden furniture. Choose colours that match with your decor, and don't be afraid to combine colours.

Mix up colour, pattern and style for an eclectic outdoor setting that is bold and beautiful. Keep it colourful with matching table linen and crockery in bold, solid colours and add pizazz with a second bold colour. Or go over the top and mix up bright colours. It's all about having fun!

Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint is just what you need to refresh or give steel and wood furniture an instant update. Grab a can or two at your local Builders Warehouse.

Add your style and personality by dressing your outdoor dining table as you would indoors. There's no reason why you can't entertain in the garden in style!

Extend the outdoor fun by making your own solar lights. Remove the solar panel from conventional outdoor solar lights and place these into a basket or plastic container. You don't have to worry about heat, as these lights don't generate a significant amount of heat and can be fitted into almost any container to provide ambient light for your dining table.

Give your worn and weary wooden furniture a facelift with liming wax or whitewash. Or paint in pale tints finished in a distressed style and polished with antique wax for romantic style.

Add colour and pattern to your outdoor dining table with crockery. Most home stores stock a variety of designs that you can mix and match.

A set of white crockery can be used for any occasion - indoors or outdoors. Dress them down with placemats in organic materials and pair with cotton serviettes and they are perfect for casual outdoor entertaining.

Design a romantic table setting with vintage-style crockery, plain or patterned tablecloth and vases of fresh seasonal garden flowers.

Thrift shop finds or recycled jars stained in bold colours make for an interesting display. Pair up with homemade placemats, a floral print tablecloth and fresh flowers to set the tone for an English garden table.

Set up a rustic outdoor table with vintage crockery, or dig out grannies old tea set. Simplicity and charm are essential for a rustic table setting. It's so easy to use small zinc containers are buckets for fresh herbs, and your guests can pick their own garnish.

Refresh plastic or wooden garden furniture with Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint. Or sand and seal wooden garden furniture with Woodoc Exerior Sealer.

Lunch on the patio or lawn for a picnic in the garden. Set the tone with classic crockery, crisp linen tablecloth and serviettes and a few select accessories.

Add a modern touch to outdoor dining with colourful, striped or patterned cloths laid across the table.

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