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Build a large, outdoor farmhouse garden table

It's hard to find a table that accommodates a large group of family or friends, and making your own outdoor garden table has its benefits. This large, rectangular garden table can be made to seat as many people as you like.

You will find all the PAR pine you need to make your outdoor farmhouse table at your local Builders Warehouse.

The legs are 100 x 100mm pine, which comes in lengths of 1.8 or 2.4 metres. The longer you make the table, the more legs you will need to add. For this table, which is 2.4 metres long, the four legs are just enough, but anything longer than that and you need to add legs along the length for support.

The legs for this table had been stored outside for ages and already had a slightly weathered look... lovely!

Use a mitre saw - or handsaw - or all-purpose saw - or chainsaw - to cut the legs to length. The standard length is 76cm, but you can make the table higher if you need to.

The apron around the table is attached to each leg. Use three 5 x 65mm screws through the front and side apron for each leg in a staggered arrangement.

Cut the top boards to allow for a 50mm overhang all the way around. It's a good idea to test fit all the pieces to make sure they fit nicely, before screwing through the boards into the apron. If you need to cut any board to fit, place these in the centre of the table, so that you have an even finish at both ends.

This table took two hours to complete and all that now needs to be done is to apply stain and seal, which is optional. However, it is a good idea to apply penetrating wax on a regular basis if you want the table to last longer and stay outdoors.