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Make full use of your garden

Summer is in full swing and the days are long and hot. Your garden is the most important 'room' in your home during the spring and summer months. It's where you can create the perfect outdoor living space.


Whether you live in a small suburban townhouse or mega development, as a South African you definitely embrace the trend for outdoor living. You can affordably create outdoor spaces that enhance the style and functionality of your home, plus add to the overall value of the property. So, here are a few of the leading trends that the DIY homeowner can use to cost-effectively create an outdoor space that you and your family will enjoy.

Making the perfect outdoor living space is easy, and all you need are a few simple updates:

Create an outdoor kitchen

As a homeowner, we all want to enjoy as much time as possible outdoors, and that means cooking and dining al fresco. While a basic braai grill will do for you and your hubby, outdoor kitchens are in high demand and increase the value of a property. Building your own outdoor kitchen space is not that difficult: Install countertops surrounding your braai or grill and consider incorporating features like a small fridge, built-in storage spaces for spices and cooking tools, or adding plumbing for a truly complete outdoor kitchen experience.

Outdoor Lighting

You want your garden or patio to be the perfect place to relax on balmy evenings. The varied options for outdoor lighting including sconces that can light up paths or be mounted on walls, post lamps and even string lights - all are a great way to keep your outdoor space lit and inviting. And the right lighting can take a good outdoor space and make it great.

Solar lighting is popular for outdoor spaces, and this energy efficient solution is also affordable and super simple to install. Light pathways with solar landscape lighting - no power cords required!. A string or two of outdoor fairy lights add a twinkle to the atmosphere of a summer evening spent outdoors.

Garden Furniture

A well decorated home is what we all strive for, with comfortable furniture that meets all our needs. This is no different for your outdoor furniture. While the cost of outdoor furniture can be a little overwhelming, turn your thoughts to secondhand garden furniture that, with a little love and creativity, can be good as new - at a fraction of the cost.

Cosy armchairs and sofas, chaise lounges and benches  - all these can gain new life with a coat of spray paint, new fabric covers for cushions and a few colourful scatter cushions to finish off the look.

Colourful and interesting plants

Colourful annuals and perennials are a wonderful way to bring any outdoor area to life - year round. A few strategically placed potted plants or shrubs can help turn your outdoor area into a lively space that's perfect for relaxing or entertaining friends and family.

Adding potted containers to your outdoor space helps the area feel cohesive with nature. Ask at your local garden centre if you need advice on what plants are perfect for your local climate.


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