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Create an Inner City Oasis

Living on the outskirts or inside city limits might be convenient for getting to work and back, but you also need to put some time and effort into designing an oasis where you can take time out from the bright lights and ebb and flow of traffic and people.


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Design an Inner City Oasis

When your apartment or townhouse is within a stone's throw of the city, you will want to pay extra attention to create a home away from work - one that makes you feel instantly relaxed and comfortable, even though you are living in the city.

In this renovated home it's all about the juxtaposition between hard textures and soft layering using fabrics and textiles, and an overwhelming abundance of greenery in all its natural forms.





Throughout the home plants and shrubs take centre stage, whether viewed from the kitchen window overlooking the small courtyard, or from the lounge area. Plants not only disguise the fact that this apartment is within city limits, but also create a sense of being in the country and 'far from the madding crowds'.






The kitchen features Carrara marble countertops and a smoked-mirror splashback. The mirror reflects the bamboo planted to form an outdoor wall and also to create the illusion of added space.

The homeowners wanted to design an oasis within the inner city and screening the back of the terrace with mature bamboo gave them the privacy they needed, while also providing a lush, natural wall of green.”  

No matter what room you are in in this modern apartment, there are plants and greenery that soften the hard edges and bring nature into the home.

Create a Cooling Outdoor Space

An outdoor terrace or balcony can get very hot during the summer months, but they are usually spaces that you want to make the most use of, especially if you have an amazing view and love to entertain.





Succulents and cactus offer a contrasting variety and an interesting palette of colours that is ideal for these hot areas and don't mind the occasional dry spell if you forget to water.

An outdoor balcony or terrace can easily be transformed into an inner city oasis using the right type of plants. If you love minimal design and low-maintenance plants, you will definitely want to choose plants that comes in interesting and a variety of shapes and colours, and succulents and cactus require hardly any maintenance other than an occasional watering.

Choose planters and pots that let you put together a layered effect with plants at different heights, with planters in complementary colours that harmonise with your planned vision for the outdoor space.

Incorporate a few essentials that make the outdoor space both comfortable and practical. You will need to look for decor and accessories that are able to withstand the climate and still look good.

Whether you decide to have built-in or freestanding furniture, choose pieces that fit nicely within the area you have selected for seating and that won't take up too much space. You will also want to opt for a design that complements what's inside your home since it's all about that seamless flow from indoor to outdoors. So be sure to let your living areas flow out onto the terrace or balcony.

Do purchase furniture that you can move around easily, especially if the area receives a lot of sunlight and limited shade options. Alternatively, buy a large shade umbrella that is on wheels or allows for easy portability.



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