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Quick Tip: Warm Up The Patio

South Africans spend a lot of time outdoors - even in winter, so use these tip to add warmth to a patio or deck.


Just as you would warm up your interiors during the colder months of the year, do the same with your outdoor areas.

We South Africans love to spend time outdoors - even when the temperature drops. Simply by adding colour and texture you instantly make your patio or deck feel warm. Add textured cushions and throws, a warm rug underfoot, and plenty of warm-hued accessories.

During the summer months you like to use colours around the blue spectrum to keep outdoor spaces cool, and you can do the opposite of this in the winter months to add warmth. Shop for items in reds and yellows to add to your patio or deck for the winter months. You can easily pack these away when the temperature warms up and swap them for cooler colours.





Texture is another way to add warmth, and you can use a variety of materials to up the comfort level. Look for baskets and woven items that would look good as accessories on your patio or deck.

Adding warmth is all about colour and texture, so make sure that you have decor for the summer and winter seasons.



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