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Design a beautiful patio area

When planning or designing a patio area for a small garden take into consideration that sometimes less is more. With the right materials and clever planting, even a small patio can feel more expansive.


In this small townhouse garden the ideas was to create an area where the homeowners could relax and entertain family and friends without the space feeling cramped.

With its stone patio and planting of climbing roses against the trellis fence, the garden feels expansive and private at the same time.

Hydrangeas and aromatic lilies surround the terrace - enclosing visitors in a romantic embrace. Low-growing grasses soften the edge of the patio and add just enough of a modern look.

"My husband and I were looking for an outdoor space that had a secret-garden feeling," says homeowner Anne Lillis-Ruth. "We’ve had fun adding furniture, antique planters, and a stone fountain to the beautiful landscape. The white and green plantings provide the perfect backdrop to my collection of colourful table linens, glassware, and china. We love our garden!"

The setting is so lovely and relaxed. It evokes the south of France, with its intimate scale and the integration of house and patio through the use of the vines and other plantings.

What's nice about this patio design is the minimal maintenance required to keep it looking good. The flooring for the patio replaces what was a grassed area but plenty of shrubs and foliage plants have been incorporated into the area to make up for this.