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Don't Let Outdoor Furniture Fade Or Rot In Our Extreme Climate

Outdoor or patio furniture is not designed to last forever, but you can extend the lifespan by taking proper care of it.




Too often, people buy wooden outdoor or patio furniture, take it home and leave it outdoors for a couple of years before they realise that the furniture isn't looking too good. Not surprising when you consider that most hardwoods are not forgiving of our extreme climate and in particular our hot summer temperatures. It's these soaring temperatures that dry out all the natural oils in the wood, leaving them faded and brittle.

With the natural oils in the wood depleted, it only takes a day or two of rain before rot and mould sets in and destroys your expensive furniture beyond repair.

No matter the type of wood used for the manufacture of patio or outdoor furniture, constant exposure to our climate is a good reason for applying an ongoing treatment that not only protects wooden furniture but also brings out the natural beauty and increases its longevity. Even a quality exterior treatment that costs around R100 per can is far cheaper than having to replace the entire set of furniture.







Hot summer days can dry out the natural oils in wood furniture, making them susceptible to damage caused by moisture. A quality exterior treatment will provide a protective coating.








Maintenance of your wooden patio or garden furniture can be done in spring or autumn when the weather is dry and warm. If there have been recent rains, give the furniture some time to dry out thoroughly before applying any treatment.





Step 1

Use a high-pressure spray or hose pipe and a soft scrubbing brush to clean the wood furniture and remove as much mould or rot as possible. A light scrubbing should remove surface mould and rot but if mould or rot is extensive, you may need to apply a specialist wood treatment product to rectify this. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper use.


Step 2

Make any repairs necessary. If the wooden furniture has been left untreated for some time it may require some light sanding to remove rough wood and splinters. If you need to repair missing chunks that have broken off, use a product such as epoxy wood putty for a permanent repair. Try to avoid using wood filler on outdoor furniture as this will eventually crack and leave an opening for moisture to gain access to the wood.


Step 3

Apply a quality exterior wood treatment product to the furniture. There are several brands on the shelf at your local Builders store and staff should be able to assist with the right product choice for your particular furniture. Always follow the recommended instructions for proper application and long-lasting protection. And be sure to re-apply the treatment as specified.








Taking the time to care for wooden patio or garden furniture shouldn't take long, probably a day or weekend, but by doing so you will keep your wooden furniture looking good and extend the life, making it a cost-effective process that shouldn't be put off for too long. 








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