Is Your Outdoors Ready for Summer?

South Africans love spending time outdoors, and summer is most definitely the season for entertaining, so make sure your outdoor area is ready for summer.



How Garden Solar Lights can Transform Your Future Garden Parties

In this article we look at how solar garden lights can transform your outdoors for garden parties.



Why Awnings are Important for a Home

If you are investigating ways to cool down your home or patio during the hot summer months, think about installing an awning.



Refresh your Patio and Outdoor Areas

It will officially be Spring in a couple of days, so it's time to put on your gardening gloves to refresh your patio and outdoor entertaining areas.



8 Ways to Transform Your Backyard Space

There are plenty of creative ways to reimagine your backyard into a beautiful space where people enjoy spending time.



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Give your home year-round curb appeal

A beautiful garden shouldn't be something you can enjoy only certain months of the year, rather design a front garden for year-round curb appeal.



DIY Deck Solution for Rented Homes

When you rent your home you are limited as to what you can do in the garden, but this DIY deck solution is ideal for anyone renting their home.



Top 7 Websites for DIY Landscaping Tips

If you love DIY landscaping, you'll LOVE this list of the 7 best DIY landscaping websites, tips, tutorials and more!



Enjoy your Garden in Autumn

South Africans love spending time outdoors and autumn in one of the most beautiful seasons in the garden.



12 Smart Garden Ideas That Could Even Fit Inside Tiny Spaces

Whether the size of a small balcony, a generous courtyard or an acre of land, your garden can always be upgraded into something spectacular to suit you.



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Prepare your Garden for the Winter ahead

This weekend we had the first signs that winter isn't far away, so now is the time to get busy and prepare your garden for winter.



Top Tips for Buying Garden Furniture

Summer might be over but if you need outdoor furniture, now is the time to shop around for furniture that is comfortable, practical and durable - before the next season arrives.



Miniature Succulent Gardens

There's a new craze stirring up the Internet recently... miniature succulent gardens - a pot in a pot!



Lawn-Free Landscapes

With climate change affecting weather around the world, many homeowners are replacing turf with low-maintenance landscape ideas.



WOMAG non-slip outdoor tiles

Update your outdoor spaces with the latest designs in non-slip outdoor tiles from WOMAG.



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The power of solar lighting

South Africa has an abundance of sunny weather, making it the perfect location for harnessing the power of the sun with solar lighting.



Tips for Making Your Outside Space Toddler-Friendly

The time has come. Your baby has left the cradle and entered into their exploratory phase. Their growing muscles and expanding curiosity can only mean one thing—it’s time for them to play outside.


Lush urban gardens for small space

If your garden is blank and sterile, take inspiration from these lush urban gardens that offer a tranquil place to relax.



Concrete for Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are a growing trend, as homeowners look outdoors to extend living space. A well-designed outdoor kitchen can become the perfect feature in an outdoor entertainment area.


Smart gardens are water wise

Global warming is bringing about climate change that will have a huge impact on how we conserve and use water. A smart garden is one that incorporates water wise gardening techniques and clever landscaping.


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Beautiful Outdoor Finishes

See how a luxury, 5-star game lodge in Botswana transformed its outdoor and indoor spaces using Cemcrete.



Create the ultimate She Shed

Discover how to create your very own 'She Shed' at Decorex Joburg this August.



Create an indoor look for outdoors

Builders looks at the latest landscape trends that reflect a desire to bring the indoors outside, creating a comfortable landscape that is both functional and beautiful.



Casual outdoor entertaining

Turn that boring braai into a wonderful casual entertainment area where you can sit and relax and enjoy meals with family and friends.



Great ideas for compact gardens

Whether you live in a townhouse development or city flat, we offer some great design ideas for compact gardens.



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Spring patio

We are already starting to feel that spring is on the way, and it looks like it's going to be a hot one - one where you will want to spend more time outdoors relaxing in the garden or on the patio. Refresh your outdoor space with colourful, patterned fabrics.


Ideas for a courtyard garden

For those who don't have the luxury of a large garden, or only a concrete courtyard, there are plenty of ways to transform these areas into outdoor spaces where you will love to spend time relaxing or entertaining.


2015 Garden World Spring Festival

From July 25 to August 30, 2015 see spring flowers in all their abundance at this year’s Spring Festival at Garden World.



Why it's a good idea to rip out your lawn

As valuable resources dwindle and water quality worsens, replacing lawn with hardscaping or artificial turf is not only good for the environment, it saves on your monthly bill and cuts down on maintenance.


Pebble and rock river bed for garden drainage

Many gardens have some sort of drainage issue; drain pipes that don't carry water away from the foundations, areas that become waterlogged during the rainy season, and a myriad of other reasons.


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Disguise or cover up vibracrete or precast concrete walls

Vibracrete - or precast concrete - walls are a common feature in many South African homes. They offer an affordable way to close off a property and create a private outdoor sanctuary. But vibracrete walls can be an eyesore, or at least an unattractive feature.


The benefits of sustainable landscaping

Sustainable landscaping is more than just planting a few indigenous shrubs in the flower beds. It's about creating a lifestyle in which both we and the environment benefit. The best way to start is by planning correctly and to design a garden that will suit your budget.


Low maintenance garden design

As climate change wreaks havoc on gardens, with high temperatures and either low or high rainfall, designing a low-maintenance garden makes a lot of sense.



Green design for outdoor spaces

As homeowners gravitate outdoors, the sky is the limit when designing an outdoor living or entertaining area.



Add lighting to your outdoor spaces

Not only practical, adding lighting to your outdoor or entertainment areas extends the amount of time you can spend relaxing in the garden.



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Sustainable garden design inspiration

Today's gardens not only consider the environment, they are designed to partner with the surrounding area and consider the needs of local wildlife. Take a look at a selection of garden design ideas that incorporate local plants and vegetation to the fullest.


Establish a beautiful lawn

Buying a brand new home more often than not means planning a garden from scratch. But where do you start when starting a new garden?



Mooibos vertical hanging gardens

The Mooibos garden is a collaboration between 6 UCT students. The concept behind the Mooibos Garden is to allow anyone to have a vertical garden on their wall. The product consists of a wooden framed box, which securely holds an array of pot plants.


Establish privacy in a townhouse garden

Townhouse living does offer some benefits, but privacy is definitely not one of them. Most townhouse gardens have hardly any privacy, and many are overlooked by units on higher levels. So how do you establish some privacy in your own garden?


Make the most of your garden

If you're like many homeowners, you consider the patio an extension of your home. So it's fair to ask: Would you be just as comfortable nestled in with your favourite book or preparing a meal in your outdoor space as you would in your living room or your kitchen?


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Planning and planting your dream garden

To plan the garden of your dreams it's important to think about how you will use the space. Will it be used for entertaining family and friends? Is it a place to retreat? Will it be used as a play area for children ?


Garden design through the years

Is your garden old fashioned or trendy? Gardening has evolved over the past six decades and eras of fashionable plants have come and gone. We take a look back at the highlights ... of where gardening has come from and where it is going.


Moonlight globes

Add soft illumination to your outdoor spaces with the Moonlight Globe. These beautiful orbs add atmosphere and light to any garden, patio, pool deck or entertainment area, or can simply be used for contemporary decor.


Xeriscapes - the new design standard

Becoming a standard gardening standard in many new, upscale homes, Xeriscaping is a method of gardening that allows for easy maintenance and water wise design.



Take a break from the heat

When at home in the garden you need a cool, shady spot to sit and relax - a garden oasis - and this feature will inspire you to create a wonderful spot for taking time out on weekends.



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How to add curb appeal

We all want a home that is welcoming and attractive to look at. So how would you go about adding curb appeal?



A beautifully landscaped garden

Winter is the perfect time to action any changes you want to make to your garden, or put in a pool. It allows the garden and pool time to settle in and be ready for the summer months.



Glorius evening garden

Illuminate your summer garden with an enchanting space for relaxing or entertaining after the sun goes down. You can easily transform a garden space into a nocturnal paradise perfect for evenings in the garden.


Outdoor spaces that shine

Just like your indoor living spaces, outdoors areas can become an integral part of the home by providing more space for seating, entertaining or casual dining.



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Create an outdoor oasis

We South Africans naturally move more of our attention toward the outdoors as the weather starts to warm up. Thoughts of sipping cool beers while sitting comfortably atop cozy loungers and braais instantly come to mind at the mere mention of summer.


Choosing the right patio furniture

There are plenty of different materials used to make patio furniture. Remember what your main use of the patio will be, that will help you decide on your purchase.



Landscape lighting

Lighting up the garden around a home not only provides a wonderful atmosphere for summer entertaining, it also serves to provide additional security, reduce the number of accidents in a night garden, and even increase the value of a home.


5 Important Tips When You Install Lighting in the Garden

Make a combination of different light sources in order to make your garden lighting system more impressive and less power consuming.



Sheds Open Up Space At Summer Homes

Sheds, or Wendy houses, added to summer home yards or gardens offer homeowners extra space, without costing a fortune.



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Best Landscape Options Instead of Grass

Grass can be challenging to maintain, so if you are looking for something that is less demanding, there are more options than you might think.



Make a Christmas Light Tunnel for Your Driveway

This holiday season is to make a Christmas light tunnel for your driveway.



Top 4 Landscaping Ideas

Developing a fantastic landscaping does not really have to be that much of an overwhelming task if you have a small idea of how you want the outdoor of your home to like.



4 Unique Uses For Your Backyard Shed

We take a look at some of the unique ways you can use your backyard shed for much more than just storage for yard tools and accessories.



The Most Common Rookie Gardening Mistakes You Should Avoid Making

Establishing a garden is not as easy as it seems, especially when setting up your garden requires a degree of planning.


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4 Design Tips To Make Your Home Feel Like an Island Paradise

Here are some tips to make your house feel as if you are living on an island.



Do You Have the Right Lawn Mowing Technology?

There are different kinds of lawn mowers and all of them come with unique features.



How to Incorporate Trees into Your Landscape Design

There is nothing more vibrant and welcoming than a landscape with a bustling population of well-tended plants.



7 must-buy products for your summer garden

Here are seven must-buy products for your summer garden.




Ultimate Backyard with These 3 Easy Steps

Don’t fret - you can effortlessly achieve the backyard look you want with just 3 easy steps.




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