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Refresh your Patio and Outdoor Areas

It will officially be Spring in a couple of days, so it's time to put on your gardening gloves to refresh your patio and outdoor entertaining areas.



South Africans love spring. After a cold winter (that we haven't really had) it's time for us to open up the garden doors and spend more time on the patio, deck, or a place set aside for entertaining in the garden.

While the trees and shrubs are already well into blooming; full of new green shoots and a promise of a new season, beds, borders and container gardens are usually looking very sad at this time of the year. We offer some easy ways to freshen up the garden ahead of spring and summer to ensure you have a wonderful display of colour to brighten up your outdoor areas.







This is also a good time to take advantage of special offers, and every year your local Builders store has lots of specials on plants, garden ornaments, garden furniture and a wide selection of garden tools. So if you need to fill up garden beds and borders, or hang up an arrangement of colourful containers, visit Builders online to see the specials on offer and start planning your spring display.

Add Colour and Interest

Plants are an easy way to add colour and interest to a garden - large or small. You can plant a rainbow in beds and borders, or just pick a couple of colours for a garden design. Annuals are versatile enough to pop into window boxes, in hanging baskets, or just to have a few interesting containers filled with colourful plants.

And let's not forget about foliage plants. They might not produce colourful flowers, but their foliage alone will bring interest to containers and flower beds.



Refresh Outdoor Furniture

After a couple of years, your patio furniture might start to look at bit dull and boring. Freshening up your outdoor furniture doesn't have to be difficult or expensive, all you need are a couple of colourful cushions to bring it back to life.





If you haven't yet got round to giving wood furniture a new coat of exterior sealer, don't put this off; while climate change has made it a bit trickier to know when the rains are coming, you don't want expensive wood furniture to be damaged. It is far cheaper to spend a bit on maintaining outdoor wood furniture rather than have to replace it.

A Visual Treat

Garden ornaments and decorations might not be something you normally think about for the garden, but adding a visual surprise here and there makes a walk around the garden even more interesting. Think wind chimes, wind spinners, hanging ornaments, and decorative ornaments or sculptures, as these will definitely add a visual surprise. Even a selection of pots and containers filled with fresh, cut flowers will do wonders for dressing up your outdoor coffee or dining table.

Adding a water feature (bought or made) is another way to add visual interest to a garden and it's not that difficult to find place for a simple water fountain. I have a bird bath hidden amongst the bushes that I keep filled up and the wild birds love to come and take a bath now and again.

Comfortable Accessories

If you garden has a place to sit and relax you will probably already have some garden furniture for sitting or eating. But in a small garden where space is limited there are still options that you can consider. A garden hammock is easy enough to make using canvas and string, and it can be hung from overhanging trees, or you can put up a couple of poles, or you can splurge on a hammock frame (or make your own).

Of course, if you have a bit of money to spend (about R3000 per chair) you can look at a hanging basket chair. These are easy to hang from a sturdy ceiling beam or strong tree branch, or you can buy these chairs with their own hanging frame.



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