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4 Design Tips To Make Your Home Feel Like an Island Paradise

Here are some tips to make your house feel as if you are living on an island.


If you find yourself having a natural affinity towards water then you are probably a beach bum or want to be beach bum. Whenever you have free time, you will be headed to or dreaming about the ocean. If only you can buy an island. It is not an impossible dream though. According to an article from CNN Money, there are some islands for sale that cost less than $100,000. But a prime property, let’s say in the Bahamas, can set you back as much as $30 million or around $50,000 per acre. That is a fortune for sure. But for now, you can settle for is an island inspired home.

Having an island style does not have to cost you millions, maybe you will be spending a few thousand for the decorations but at least you get that breezy, cool feeling island like home. Here are some tips to make your house feel as if you are living on an island.

Prep Your Veranda

Living on an island means a breezy and cool atmosphere and the best place to accomplish just that is through your veranda. Furnishing your veranda to be the best version of itself is probably is the best investment you can make to achieve an island look. A veranda is always an open-air place hopefully with a breeze. If you don't have a breeze, opt for an artificial breeze, a ceiling fan.

If you can’t get rid of insect screens in your veranda, a ceiling fan will help with that too. Put some tropical plants in there to compliment that area and make it as green and lush as you can. Not only do they contribute aesthetically, but they also clean the air your breath by absorbing unwanted chemicals. Giving you fresh air just like when you are somewhere near the sea. Add ferns and plants with wide leaves to achieve a tropical look. The most common are:

● Split Leaf Philodendron
● Banana Leaf
● Areca Palm
● Fancy-leafed caladium
● Bird of Paradise Leaf
● Plumeria Leaf
● Rubber Fig Tree Leaf
● Japanese Aralia


To accomplish the island look, you need to incorporate some textures in your house. You can do this by putting furniture or items that add texture like woven fixtures or hardwood furniture. Bamboo and rattan made items are also a good addition that effectively implies the theme we want to associate with. These items make the room feel rustic, cool and natural, thus achieving the island feels.

It does not necessarily need to be furniture, any item, may it be an accessory or artwork that has an interesting texture that compliments the theme can help out and be a beneficial addition. Things like a woven basket, carpet made out of indigenous material or an intricately designed wooden artwork will do the trick.




Cooling Water

You need to make the atmosphere look and feel cool and breezy and so you need to consider installing a water feature somewhere on your property like a fountain, a pond, or water wall.

In addition, the sound of flowing water adds to the element of island style and design making things feeling more authentic and natural. Also, features like these can help you relax and clear negative ions in the atmosphere. Just make sure they are properly maintained to prevent bugs, specifically mosquito infestation. Water is a breeding ground for insects.

Play With Color

Color can be a game changer for this endeavor. It determines the tone, and vibe of your room so seriously consider the hue that best matches the island style we are going after. Shades of blue particularly the lighter ones are the most appropriate color that can represent the island theme. Blue means peace, calmness, serenity; perfect words to describe the bodies of waters surrounding an island. In addition, color contrasted to blue like earth-toned colors can easily result in a match that is fitting.

If you prefer going minimalist, there is nothing wrong with that. Going all white can create a crisp tone and is just as cohesive as blue to make your space feeling cool, airy and breezy. In addition, the color white can also easily reflect the natural light coming into your house. Thus, allowing the soft sunlight to cover your space and create a cozy atmosphere just like the days you’ve spent on an island.



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