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Cool water feature for a hot garden

I don't know about the rest of the country, but here in Gauteng the temperature is steadily rising towards hot, hot. hot ! What nicer way to cool down the garden but to add a small water feature, and this water feature is super easy to make. You will find everything you need for this project at your local Builders or garden centre.

3 flower pots (small, medium and large) with single hole in base

2 flower pot bases (to fit inside the medium and large pots)

Alcolin AquaMend epoxy putty

Small ceramic tile

Epoxy glue

110mm length of PVC pipe

Medium and large pebbles

Water pump* with extender pipe and fountain head


Tile nipper

Drill / Driver and  25mm spade bit

*When buying your pump ask for advice on the right size of pump for the size of the feature you will be making.


1. In the base pot you need to fill any holes in the pot with epoxy putty. Mix this together according to the instructions and plug the holes well. Allow this to set overnight.

2. Use a tiler nipper to trim a ceramic tile to fit in the base of the pot and provide a level surface for the pump. Secure this in place with epoxy glue and leave for an hour or so. 

3. The pump needs to be raised off the bottom of the pot, otherwise it gets blocked quickly. You can use a hard plastic container for this. Just make sure it is strong enough to hold the pump in place. 

4. Cut a piece of PVC pipe to a height that allows you to fit a plastic or clay flower pot base on top and still have a bit of extra height above this. Cut a notch in the pipe to allow for the pump electrical cord.

Make sure to cut the pipe perfectly straight for a level surface for the next tier of the water feature.

5. Place the pipe over the pump and container so that it sits nicely on the tile base.

6. Use a drill/driver and 25mm spade bit to make a hole in both the plastic flower pot trays. Make sure that you drill the hole exactly in the centre to allow for fitting the pump extender pipe. Fit the larger flower pot tray over the extender to rest on top of the PVC pipe.

7. If your flower pots already have holes in the centre you can add the next pot onto the arrangement. If there are no holes in the base you will need to use a drill / driver and glass & tile bit or diamond-tipped hole saw to make a suitably sized hole. Don't try to hammer a hole in the pot or you will end up with a broken one!

8. Repeat the process to add the next tier to your water feature.

Now all that's left to do is fit the fountain head, fill up with water and connect the pump. You may have to adjust the water flow if the spray is too wide. You only want it to provide a small fountain.

Use medium- and large-sized river rocks or pebbles to fill in around the gaps of the different tiers. Place the larger pebbles around the outer perimeter and then top off with smaller pebbles.


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