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Your Guide To Functional Garden Design

Having a plan in mind for your landscaping design will make a significant difference when it comes to creating a well-designed and functional garden- within your budget.



When it comes to designing a plan for landscaping your garden, knowing what the main focus will be will make a huge difference for setting everything out according to your budget. It doesn't matter whether you want a functional family garden for the entire family or a full-on entertainers paradise, a well-thought-through plan will make all the difference. In this article, we offer a few tips to guide you through the planning phase.








No matter the size of the garden, when it comes down to designing a family garden you will want to incorporate a safe play area and space to move around. Young children and their pets need plenty of fresh air and space to run around, while you might want to have a few features that are more suited to entertaining family and friends. Here are some elements you will want to incorporate into the landscape design:


• Safe play area

Depending on the size of the garden you have to work with, you may want to include a large area of lawn for outdoor activities. This can incorporate space for energetic play and burning up excess energy as something as basic as a sandpit for younger children and a jungle gym for older kids. In a small garden, you could consider artificial lawn as a substitute to water-loving grass and keep maintenance and water costs to a minimum.





• Secure perimeter

Unless you live in a secure development, you are going to want to ensure the property is fully closed off, either with brick walls, precast panel walls or fencing.


• Water activities

While a swimming pool is not on the top of everyone's must-have for a garden if you do decide on a swimming pool you need to make sure it is safely fenced off. When you are making the decisions of where the put the pool, factor in an outdoor shower so that the kids can get clean outdoors.





• Vegetable or herb gardens

For a family garden, adding a vegetable or herb garden in addition to beds and borders will let you share with your children the value of self-sustainability.


• Low maintenance plants

If you are starting a garden from scratch, this is the best time to look at planting up water-wise or indigenous plants. There are hundreds of water-wise plant options that look beautiful in beds and borders and won't require watering or care on a regular basis.


If you and your family love to entertain, don't forget to create an inviting space in the garden where you can sit and dine.


• Garden and perimeter lighting

Not only great for adding atmosphere to a garden or entertainment area, but outdoor lighting will also add a level of security. Think solar lighting - an option that lights up your garden every night and is free.



• Storage for tools and stuff

When you have kids, you need plenty of storage for bicycles and toys, as well as tools for garden maintenance. Invest in a garden shed that is practical in design and offers enough storage.

Landscape design is a broad subject that requires experience and knowledge to create a functional design. If you want to shape and enhance your outdoor space on your own terms, consider investing in garden design courses now.






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