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12 Smart Garden Ideas That Could Even Fit Inside Tiny Spaces

Whether the size of a small balcony, a generous courtyard or an acre of land, your garden can always be upgraded into something spectacular to suit you.


The garden should be your own little spot of nature, peace, to catch some fresh air and of course some rays. Whether the size of a small balcony, a generous courtyard or an acre of land, whatever the shape and size of your garden can always be upgraded into something spectacular to suit you. For a dozen smart ideas to play with in your backyard, even in tiny spaces, look no further!


It's time to drop the idea that mirrors are only an indoor accessory because they can fit just as well in your back garden. Whether to enhance the garden space, reflect the beauty of your ivy cascading down the wall of your house, traditional and contemporary outdoor mirrors are available to suit all gardens.

Window Planters

Trellis Climbers

With smaller gardens, it's important to add visual interest at higher points, to draw the attention up and away from the small floor space. As an investment, plant some climbers and hang some trellis, and take advantage of mother nature's ability to add some bursts of color to a bland fence or wall.

Potted Plants

Although it may be recommended to plant your flowers and trees in the ground, it's not entirely necessary. The great thing with potted plants is the ability to arrange your landscape whenever the need for change strikes you. Perch pots on walls, tables and near seating and experiment with different colors to see what works well in your garden.

Fence Cover

If your fence looks a bit worse for wear, but the prospect of waiting for your climbing plants to cover the dull wood is taking too long, invest in a faux ivy/hedge wall. This option is both cost-effective, convenient and will fit in with most garden schemes.


You may have seen this idea in the movies, but never considered it being a reality. The relaxation you'll experience from hanging out in your hammock or hammock chair is unreal, and it's something that will fit in most garden areas with ease! Try it, it's quirky and fun, and you just might love it.

Strategic Lighting

To brighten up a dull garden space, lighting is your friend! Smart techniques that don't require using up the electric are solar lights (fantastic for creating a welcoming display in your garden). From solar stakes you can plug in the ground or your plant pots, to the lights that perch on top of your fence panels, there is a ton of garden lighting to fit the appearance you want to create in your garden.


A smart and cheap way to make a statement in your garden and to brighten up tiny spaces is to paint! Whether it's the fence panels, the walls, the shed or the plant pots, or the garden furniture, paint knows no bounds. Experiment with samples to see what color creates the vibe you seek. Is the idea of a Mediterranean style garden with a white wall backdrop your idea of heaven? Or do vibrant hues of pink and orange on the garden furniture tickle your fancy?


A method that's particularly great for utilizing small crevices is shelving. Whether to store garden tools in weatherproof boxes or show off your potted plants, seashells or solar tea lights. Shelving will add functional space and interest to tiny areas instantly.

If floor space is tight, and your dream of beautiful flowers welcoming you in your garden seems like a far cry, fear not! To jazz up the outdoors and give you some visual pleasantries as you step outside to hang the washing or sip your morning tea, window planters could be the perfect alternative for your garden.

Soft Furnishings

It's not always necessary to buy new furniture or even paint your existing furniture. Sometimes a few new handpicked or even handmade textiles could add style and comfort to your garden.

Custom Made Bar

The BBQ is a given. But what about your own custom made bar for those summer nights of cocktails and laughter? Save yourself from traipsing to and from the kitchen to make beverages and set up your own smart outdoor bar. No one will have to walk more than a meter or two to grab a drink - bliss!


For a smart, instant impact on your garden space, think about decorations. If you're going for a modern, clean-cut feel, look at chrome effect ornaments such as steel balls. Alternatively, gnomes are great for endearing and entertaining little ones, or wildlife such as squirrels and hedgehogs add a nice touch to a garden steeped in greenery.



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