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Establish some privacy in your garden

Townhouse living does offer some benefits, but privacy is definitely not one of them. Most townhouse gardens have hardly any privacy, and many are overlooked by units on higher levels. So how do you establish some privacy in your own garden?

While it depends on the Body Corporate rules that govern what you can and cannot do in your townhouse - and it pays to check by the way - you can add privacy without building using brick and mortar.

Timber allows you to be creative in so many ways and, if not allowed to attach a timber structure to the building, you can incorporate timber into the garden design to give you more privacy.

Mobile planters also allow you move them around to create a private corner, and you don't need to spend a fortune on planter boxes if you make your own using shutterply. Shutterply is the commercial version of pine plywood, and therefore has a much more rustic finish that can be stained and sealed. Or go for marine plywood - much more expensive but has a beautiful finish.





Ornamental bamboo grows high without spreading and creates a wonderful dappled boundary that is perfect for planter boxes and for adding privacy to a small garden.

Trellis and screens offer a decorative solution to privacy on a patio or deck. If you don't want to go to the bother of making your own screens, your local Builders Warehouse offers a variety of affordable options to choose from. Personally, I would rather buy all the PAR pine that I need for the project and craft my own designs. It works out far cheaper and you can craft a design that fits the space and with your style of decor.

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