Give your home year-round curb appeal

A beautiful garden shouldn't be something you can enjoy only certain months of the year, rather design a front garden for year-round curb appeal.

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A garden shouldn't be designed for only certain months of a year. With the proper planning and the right selection of plants, you can have a front garden that offers year-round curb appeal.



Your front garden should not only be a place that you personally enjoy but also add to the architectural appeal of your house design and provide a beautiful setting that will increase the value of your property and be a joy to view. Too many homes have a strip of lawn and perhaps one or two shrubs or trees to fill the space, while doing little to enhance a home.








If your garden is one of those that lacks any form of design, you can easily do something to create a beautiful garden. While you may not be able to afford the services of a landscaping company, you can quite easily save money by doing it yourself, and the colder months of the year are a great time to plan out what you need to do. - 746119863246600302/



Low-maintenance curb appeal

There are thousands of plants that you can choose from to create a wonderful garden with lots of curb appeal. You will obviously select suitable plants based on location and whether your garden has full sun, dappled shade or very little direct sunlight. In order to save money you should select only those plants that will thrive in your garden and require as little maintenance as possible. - 782219029010125466/



Even a low-maintenance garden can offer an easy way to have areas of interest that are filled with colour or foliage all year round. The trick to is purchase evergreen plants or shrubs that flower during certain times of the year, and there are plenty that flower around Autumn or towards the end of winter that will fill up your front garden with interest, colour and texture. - 95208979606240275/



Water wise planting

Fill up borders and beds with a selection of evergreen plants that don't require a daily watering, but rather flourish with a weekly or occasional watering. It is far safer to plant your front garden using these plants than have to worry about them dying off due to water restrictions or periods of drought. A JoJo rainwater harvesting tank is one way to ensure that you have water to top off the swimming pool or water a garden on a regular basis, and these water tanks are a worthwhile investment for any gardener.









Another way to set up your front garden from a low-maintenance and water wise point of view is to install a drip irrigation system, or to install an irrigation system that works on a timer. - 101331060340747851/



Let the sun shine

Succulents and cactus are the best plants for a garden that receives full sun all day long. You might also consider some of our local indigenous plants for a sunny garden, as these won't require too much watering. Succulents are Mother Nature's treasures and they come in a wide variety of colours and interesting shapes that can be added to borders or beds or to a rocky setting to create a colourful front garden that requires almost no maintenance. - 417005246747359081/



Shady garden plants

If your front garden does not receive a lot of natural sunlight during the day, perhaps because of high trees in the area, or buildings that block off a lot of sunlight, there are many different varieties of plants that love a shady spot. And these plants have different coloured foliage that makes up for the lack of flowers - to give you year round interest. - 721772277761481415/


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