Wanting to Design the Garden of your Dreams?

A beautifully landscaped garden with outdoor living that meets all your needs is something that needs to be planned well in advance.


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Your dream garden should encompass elements such as low maintenance, water-wise design, excellent drainage and drought-resistant plants, shrubs and trees.

Every homeowner dreams of having that perfectly landscaped garden; a garden that is filled with lush plantings, paved walkways, and an outdoor entertainment area for all seasons. But having that dream garden requires a plan and a budget, and making sure that you cover everything.







If you are dreaming of that perfect garden with an outdoor area where you can relax and entertain family and friends, making it come true requires a well-orchestrated plan. Planning a luxurious outdoor space also requires a fair amount of money, although there are ways that you can cut down on the cost by doing most of the hard labour yourself.


Getting a head start on planning your dream garden should begin well ahead of the new spring and summer seasons, so now would be a great time to put that plan together and put your dreams on paper.

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Landscaping the Garden

Although you are planning on putting a lot of effort into an outstanding outdoor area, you are still going to need some landscaping as a backdrop. Plants, shrubs and trees add interest to a plain outdoor area and you will want to ensure that you allow for small or large trees and shrubs, as well as a few flower beds and borders. Part and parcel of this will also be any paths or walkways you need throughout the garden.

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Permeable materials such as gravel, flagstones, pebbles, etc., allow for water drainage through the soil.

- Drainage

One element to consider in the planning stage is drainage. Too often, homeowners build outdoor structures and plan a garden design without considering drainage. I've come across more than a few homes where outdoor structures hinder the natural flow of water and end up damaging the property due to water pooling against foundations.. So  be thorough with your planning and make sure to consider everything you can think of.







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The planning stage is the best time to decide on what plants to place in the garden and how much time you want to spend on garden maintenance.

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- Maintenance

When designing your dream garden, you will want to keep in consideration how much time will need to be spent in maintaining the garden. There's no point in planting shrubs that require regular pruning if you don't plan of keeping them in shape. Likewise, ensure that you invest in small trees, or trees suitable for the size of the garden that you have.







In a development where houses are close together, avoid any trees that have a vigorous root system, or you could end up with disastrous results. To often, trees planted close to foundations, swimming pools, or perimeter walls end up damaging same.

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With water restrictions and the environment to consider, look at planting water-wise or drought-resistant plant species.

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- Water Wise

Water restrictions are to become a fact of life, and one area that will be affected by this is the garden. Most residential gardens are designed with beds and borders around an area of lawn, but this is not conducive to water-wise practice. Lawns take a huge amount of water to remain green and lush throughout spring and summer - water that could be used for other purposes.

Try to limit the amount of lawn to small areas or play areas to cut down on water usage. Look at alternatives such as artificial grass.

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