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LED Strip Lighting for a Garden

When looking at options for lighting up your garden or outdoors, keep in mind the ease of installation when using LED strip lighting.


When looking at options for outdoor lighting, many people tend to overlook the versatility and ease of installation that LED strip lighting gives you. Not only that, LED strip lighting comes in a variety of lengths and colours that can add something extra to your outdoor spaces.






Since its introduction, Halo lighting systems have revolutionized the mining world with a lighting solution that is designed and developed specifically to thrive in this most destructive environment. Now, for the first time, through a special collaboration with Vermont Sales, this specialized lighting system has been made available to the trade, retailers, homeowners, outdoor, the display industry and the general public.

What is LED Strip Lighting?

For those who don't yet know about LED strip lighting. It is a flexible strip that has light-emitting diodes. The strip itself is similar to a circuit board but on a much small scale. You can mount LED strip lighting anywhere, but do be sure to purchase exterior LED strip lighting for outdoor use - and preferably a type that can withstand the elements and has been tested and proven. That's where Halo Lighting Solutions come to the fore in this market.







Halo LED strip lighting features intelligent temperature control, intelligent voltage surge management, specialized ultra-high power and super long-life customized LEDs. Each LED strip is waterproof, dustproof, flame-retardant and explosion-proof, making it ideal for a wide range of applications, including outdoor use.

Halo's innovative LED strip lighting system boasts a light output of between 1600 lumens to 1800 lumens per meter within an expected lifespan of more than 10 years. HALO HP is an extremely versatile product that can be used in any aquatic applications such as swimming pools, aquariums and fish ponds, to residential, architectural, commercial, industrial applications.

“HALO is simply the premium quality “do it all” Lighting System,” said Ryan Hunt - Sales Director at Vermont Sales. "Fitting and installing this product is so simple. Halo has made it so easy that anyone can do it,” said Hunt. HALO HP is also the ONLY HALO product that has an outstanding feature which allows the user to select whatever length is required and within minutes that customized length can be made ready and switched on.





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