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Sheds Open Up Space At Summer Homes

Sheds, or Wendy houses,  added to summer home yards or gardens offer homeowners extra space, without costing a fortune.


During the first quarter of last year, holiday home purchases in South Africa represented 3.77 percent of total home sales. During the same time frame, the demand for secondary homes went up by over 14 percent. Summer homes are popular because they are wonderful places to relax and escape from the everyday grind, but they are sometimes too crowded, especially if they don’t feature a lot of square footage.

When sheds (also known as Wendy houses) are added to summer home yards or gardens, they offer homeowners extra space, without costing a fortune. Sheds are versatile and may be used in so many creative ways. Today, it’s time to talk about a few exciting and practical ways to utilize sheds. These small outbuildings make charming children’s playhouses, outdoor pubs and home offices.





Create a whimsical children’s playhouse

The rich and famous are known for indulging their children by purchasing very fancy playhouses, but it’s possible to get the same effect without shelling out big bucks for a custom castle, miniature Victorian mansion or elaborate treehouse. When an affordable Wendy house doubles as a children’s playhouse, it won’t bust your budget and it will inspire so much imaginative and joyful play. Woodtex ( asserts that Wendy houses may be designed online before they are ordered, to meet the specific needs of home owners. You may customize a shed, so that it’s just right for your child or children. In terms of interior design, add soft flooring and paint the walls a bright and cheery color. Add pint-sized furniture and plenty of toys.

Outdoor pubs are a hot trend

Why not give your South African summer home a fun new party vibe by using a shed as an outdoor pub? The shed-as-outdoor-pub trend began in the United Kingdom and is gaining momentum in South Africa. To convert a Wendy house into an outdoor pub, add string lights, a wet bar and some vintage beer signs. A few bistro-style tables and chairs will allow your guests to recline in comfort. Open the shed doors while your guests imbibe, so they can enjoy the sight of your green lawn, garden and main house.

Enjoy privacy in a home office shed reports that South Africans work harder than people in other nations, and often put in sixty-hour work weeks. Some of this work may happen at home, even in a vacation home. If you need to work and you wish to escape from the noise and distractions in your summer home, you’ll love the peace and quiet of a home office shed. Outfit it like you’d outfit any office. It’ll become a soothing sanctuary that makes it so simple to be productive.

Is a shed right for your summer home?

Sheds are awesome because they can be redecorated to serve different purposes. They can evolve with their owners. If you think that a shed might be right for you summer home, as a children’s playhouse, outdoor pub, home office or anything else that you dream up, it may be time to purchase one. There’s also the option of building your own. These Wendy houses open up so much space.



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