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2020 Trends for a Summer Garden

This year, most of us will be spending our holidays at home so we have some trends to bring out the best in your garden for entertaining at home.



Summer is only a few months away and for most of us, this year it means basking in the sun and playing outdoors in our gardens. Beaches, parks and vacations away are going to be off-limits for the time being, but nothing is better than relaxing in the comfort of your garden where you can sit back and relax while the kids play outdoors in the garden or the pool while you enjoy a bunch of activities, from braais with family and friends, al fresco dining to poolside parties and outdoor games.

Make sure that your outdoor space is summer-ready by doing a few DIY makeover projects. This can be as simple as giving your patio or deck a fresh coat of paint or wood stain or adding some drought-tolerant plants and ornamentals. If you truly want to spruce up your garden, here are just some of the 2020 outdoor living space trends that you can use as inspiration.







Garden Trends For 2020

For economic and environmental reasons, many homeowners are adapting sustainable designs for their lawns and outdoor areas. Low maintenance and drought-resistant gardens are becoming popular as new landscaping trends. Garden landscapers have embraced a trend towards casual and relaxed accents that require minimal upkeep, such as pergolas and solar lighting. We take a look at some of the most popular trends for gardens at home this summer.


The Art of Blending

Planting edibles, such as vegetables and herbs, with ornamental plants, is quickly becoming a trend for outdoor living. With blended gardens, homeowners can keep the aesthetics and harvest fruits, vegetables and herbs at the same time. They are also a good alternative to thirsty lawns. If you are planning to create an edible garden, choose plants with good tolerance to dry summers and wet/dry winters, depending on your location.






Simple Is Best

Showy, over-the-top gardens are a thing of the past. In 2020, one of the new landscaping trends is investing in better quality and natural materials and less on the bling. Scalability and simplicity are the keys to a good design. For instance, you can add heft to your landscape by placing shady arbours around the garden to create a cool spot to relax. A pergola is another excellent way to create shade while maximizing privacy. You can keep the structure versatile by hanging vines or pots that fit in with your style.


Oasis in Your Garden

You can turn your garden into an oasis by adding water features and similar ornamentals. Water plays a major role in relaxation and brings about a calming element. The sound of flowing water is both refreshing and therapeutic, perfect for when the heat gets too intense. Water features can bring depth to any landscaping project. You can take your pick from portable fountains and other inexpensive self-contained systems to high-end water walls.

Outdoor the Indoor

Another outdoor trend in 2020 is bringing indoor furniture outside. You can make lounging in your garden as comfortable as possible by placing sofas, comfy chairs, and throw cushions. Since outdoor furnishings take quite a beating over time due to the elements, you should invest in items that are made of waterproof materials, like teak and wicker. For fabrics, there are new ones made from acrylic fibres that are also fade-resistant.


Take Dining Al Fresco

2020 is all about creating the ultimate outdoor living experience with many homeowners converting an area of their outdoor area or patio for kitchen and dining. This is a great way to extend your space for entertaining. Many manufacturers are also coming up with innovative kitchen equipment suitable for the outdoors.


Earth Tones are the Rave

When it comes to decorating your outdoor space, keeping things natural is the way to go. One of the outdoor living space trends for this year is using decor inspired by nature. Paired with eco-friendly landscaping, they create a harmonious mix of outdoor comfort. Your outdoor oasis will look good with stone and rope table accents, while your wood or wicker furniture will pair beautifully with pillows and cushions in earth tones.


Time to Go Solar

Maximize your time spent outdoors by installing solar lights in your patio, deck or entertainment space. You can choose from the many colours and styles available in the market, from decorative glows to spotlight illumination. You can even string them across canopies to create a more cosy feel. For 2020, the trend is going minimalist and a smart way of using your light fixtures is by hiding them under patio spaces and sidewalks to create a soothing ambience.


Vertical Gardens

Continuing from the past couple of years, one of the hottest outdoor trends in 2020 is vertical gardens. Ivy walls and wall-mounted planters work great in both small and large spaces. They will give your outdoors a verdant, natural vibe. You can choose to grow a vertical urban garden with fresh herbs and vegetables or plant succulents and blooms for a more aesthetic look. If you choose to use crawling vines and ivy, be careful as they can cause damage to your wall structure.


Other Tips on Getting Your Backyard Summer-Ready

The warm-season means the return of summer bugs and if you do not want them ruining your time spent outdoors, you have to do something about it. Adding citronella candles or natural repellents throughout the space is an effective way to ward off those pesky insects.

Adding at least one fun feature to your garden will go a long way in elevating your family’s enjoyment. This may be a playset for kids, a game area, a fire pit, or a hot tub for adults. A simple hammock or weather-proof swing for lounging also does the job. You can even add a fully stocked outdoor wet bar.

Finally, keep your garden cosy and private and there are plenty of ways to add privacy, from using green hedges and large planters, to erecting high fences and outdoor screens. If your patio is quite small, adding curtains made specifically for outdoors works. Hanging vines are also beautiful and can provide you with a natural-looking curtain.



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