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Creative Ways To Refresh Your Garden

Just like the interior of a home, a garden also needs an overhaul from time to time by using creative ideas to give the garden a refreshed look and appeal.


Summer is over and winter is almost here, and this is the best time to get stuck into the garden to give it a bit of an overhaul, a refreshed look and feel that will invite you outdoors to appreciate the setting.







Even though the lockdown is almost at an end, this is a wonderful way that the family can come together and get involved. It's also a therapeutic way to spend more time outdoors and forget the worries around us, And the best thing about it is that turning your garden into a welcoming outdoor area doesn't have to take a lot of time or effort. In some cases, a few free days will be enough.

If you are feeling motivated to get to work on the look of your outdoor space, check the tips below to get you started.







Cleaning up the area

It all starts with a good cleaning of the entire area. Consider getting rid of old useless things you used to keep in the garden with the idea that one day you might need them. That special day might never come, so it is better to throw away things you don’t need anymore.

When cleaning up, think about saving some durable materials for your DIY projects. If you don’t know how to repurpose your old things, just let them go so that you can have more space for your outdoor patio furniture and garden.



Starting a garden

One of the greatest things you can do in your outdoor space is starting a garden. You will need to get your hands dirty, but it is a rewarding project, after all.

The first and most important is to decide what you want to have in your garden - vegetables, fruit, or just flowers. Keep in mind that all plants in your garden need to have at least five hours of sunlight every day in order to grow.



If you have the right spot for planting vegetables and fruits, consider adding some organic matter in order to improve the soil.

There are a lot of flowers that don’t require much attention, for example: Helianthus annuus, beardtongue, hydrangea, plant fuchsia, or sunflower and so many more. Pop onto our Garden Section for advice on plants or planting, or visit your nearest garden centre for advice.








Adding more details

As Leonardo Da Vinci once said, details make perfection. That’s why you should also find a way to accentuate the beauty of your garden. For example, you can hang garden lights all around the garden or add LED lights into the plants.

If your budget allows, you can install a little fountain or build a natural pond. However, there are plenty of cheap options, like getting a coffee table or putting up a hammock.

Experienced DIY enthusiasts or woodworkers should consider building a Cabana lounge or circular bench in the garden. This large-scale DIY project will not leave your guests indifferent.


Creating a child-friendly space

If you have kids and want them to spend more time outdoors, give them some space in your garden. It will encourage them to be more active throughout the year. Moreover, it will be easier to supervise them - let them know that they can invite their friends and play in the garden whenever they want.

Creating a kid-friendly garden is easier than you think. For example, you can build a stage with wood pallets and give your kids a chance to perform during family reunions. Also, you can use wood pallets to make a sandpit or create a comfortable sitting area where you can play board games or lay in the sun with your kid. We've got plenty of project ideas for huts, sheds and cool garden structures for the kids in our Garden Craft section.



Other than that, consider building an outdoor cinema in your garden. All you need is to find a sheltered spot from the window where you can lay down and bring a video project and white sheets. There is a high chance you will fall in love with this idea and want to invite your friends for movie nights.


Upgrading outdoor furniture

There is no need to spend thousands on new fancy furniture for your outdoor area. You can work with existing pieces of furniture. Pick chairs and tables you can repaint and use for sitting or as decorative elements. Alternatively, to give a few pieces a second life, you can put containers with flowers inside of them and let the greenery take it over.

Besides old furniture, make sure to upgrade the outside structures as well. Once you take care of benches, containers, and fences, your garden will look brand new! There are a lot of things that you can improve. So, write your list and get started!



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