Why Buying The Zodiac MX8 Elite Pool Cleaner Was Not A Good Idea

It is almost 4 years since we purchased the Zodiac MX8 Elite Pool Cleaner and now it has to be replaced which means buying it was not a good investment.

Even A Small Backyard Deserves a Pool

In this exploration of plunge pools, we'll highlight their unique advantages for those with limited square footage outdoors and provide insights into integrating one into your own slice of paradise.

Tips to Help you Efficiently Maintain your Pool this Festive Season

Builders shares two crucial solutions to help you maintain your pool and save money this festive season.

Which is Better - Lap Pool or Conventional Pool?

Home Owners are spending a fortune on upgrading their property to a safe and comfortable haven and adding a swimming pool is just one of the many home improvements on the cards.

Build a Low-Maintenance Water Feature or Pond for the Garden

Most families spend a lot of time outdoors in the spring and summer and building a water feature, small or large, adds a tranquil and cooling feature to a garden.

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Build a Simple, Stunning, Water Feature for your Garden

Build a simple water feature that provides a stunning focal point or feature in the garden and also brings about a sense of coolness when the weather is hot and dry.

What to Consider When you Decide to Install a Swimming Pool

With families spending more time at home, keeping the kids occupied can become a chore, and one way to overcome this is to install a swimming pool that the whole family can enjoy.

How To Keep Your Pool Looking Perfect

With a bit of expert advice and a little bit of time over the weekend you can save thousands of rands and host beautiful outdoor summer shindigs.

Benefits of Having an Above-Ground Pool Installed

There are several benefits to having an above-ground pool installed and we take an in-depth look at these benefits.

I'm Impressed with the Zodiac MX8 Elite Pool Cleaner

After buying more than a few pool cleaners for my pool, I'm impressed that the Zodiac MX8 Elite Pool Cleaner does everything it is supposed to do... and more!

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Close Off Swimming Pool with Glass Panel Fence

If you are looking for options to fence off your pool area, consider one that won't compromise the view of the garden and the swimming pool.

Beware of Trees Close to Swimming Pool

I have had problems with my swimming pool for over a year and finally got round to having this seen to this winter only to discover quite a serious problem

Reasons To Invest In A Pool Before Summer Starts

There are many reasons to seriously think about investing in a pool and now is the best time to do it.

Pure and Polished Pool Water

Clinobrite is an all-natural Zeolite filter medium that can remove 40% to 50% more physical dirt than traditional sand or outdated glass filter media.

How to Repair a Crack in a Marbelite Pool

With spring upon us and temperatures starting to soar, the last thing any outdoors-loving family needs is a cracked Marbelite swimming pool.

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Eco-Fiber - a simple and lightweight filtration material for pool filters

Since 1994, Pool Magic have been a Proudly South African company manufacturing quality pool products, and Eco-Fiber is the latest innovation to be added to their range.

Choosing Suction Pool Cleaners

If you have an outdoor pool a suction pool cleaner can help make maintaining pool water a tireless and easy process.

Make a clay pot water fountain

Having a water feature in your garden, even a small garden, adds an interesting element that cools you down in the heat of summer.

Shipping Containers converted into Swimming Pools

There's a new trend around the globe... converting shipping containers into swimming pools.

Remove Hard Water Stains or Scale from around Swimming Pool

Hard water stains and mineral deposits build up around the top of a swimming pool and it isn't that difficult to remove these stains if you tackle these head-on as soon as they occur.

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Coating for a pool

If your swimming pool is looking like it was hit by a hurricane, take solace in the knowledge that it is possible to repair.

Get your pool ready for Spring

Spring is not too far away, and it's time to grab the pool test kit and pool cleaning equipment to get that pool ready for the swimming season!

Wetland pool conversion

Unused for almost four years, Jane Griffiths decide to convert her swimming pool into a wetland pool that uses plants to filter and clean the water.

Replace sand in pool filter

When getting the pool ready for summer I noticed that even repeated backwashing wasn't cleaning the water. Time to replace the pool filter sand.

Repair a leaking garden pond

With today's water restrictions, a leaky pond can waste a lot of water. Repairing a leaking pond may seem like a daunting task, but with the right product you can have it as good as new in no time. We offer a guide on using Sika Cemflex and Membrane.

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Tips for a sparkling pool

When the weather starts to warm up it's time to get into action if you want a sparkling pool for the summer. Here are some key tips to keep your pool in tip-top condition.

Room for a small pool

For many, a home is not a home if it doesn't have a swimming pool. With our hot summers, a pool is the perfect way to cool off. But with the size of most gardens shrinking, so does the size of the pool.

Heat wave plays havoc with pools

Pool owners have the luxury of taking a dip to cool down when it's hot, but the heat means more maintenance for a swimming pool.

Turn your pool into a sunken patio

Filling in a pool, converting a pool into a natural pool, use it for rain water harvesting, or even transforming the pool into a sunken patio are trends that appear to be growing in popularity.

Concrete leaf ornament or water feature

I have previously featured a similar projects using a hypertufa mixture, but a cement leaf is far more durable and less likely to crumble over time.

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Build a dream swimming pool from scratch

This is the story of how a homeowner decided to build his own swimming pool from the ground up to create an entire entertainment area in his back garden. The installation includes a gorgeous swimming pool with rock waterfall, and a splash pool, a braai area. 

Cool water feature for a hot garden

I don't know about the rest of the country, but here in Gauteng the temperature is steadily rising towards hot, hot. hot ! What nicer way to cool down the garden but to add a small water feature, and this water feature is super easy to make.

Fix cracked or broken pool pipe

Sometimes accidents happen, in this case a pipe from the swimming pool to the pump was broken in one place and cracked in another.

FREE solar heating for your swimming pool

If you have a swimming pool, you will find this idea for a way to heat up the pool for free very interesting, because who wouldn't want to add free solar heating to warm up a swimming pool. It's an inexpensive project that allows you to use your swimming pool for longer - for free!

DIY concrete water feature

Buying a simple water feature can cost anywhere from R800 upwards depending on the size. Or you could make your own custom concrete water feature with a few basic supplies that you will find at your local Builders Warehouse and a cardboard carpet tube.

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Garden pond or water feature from an old tyre

While you may not have an old tyre lying around, when you do get a tyre change or pop new tyres onto your card, here's a unique way to use an old tyre to make a tranquil water feature or pond for the garden or a balcony.

How to remedy algae or a green pool

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try or how often you maintain your pool, nature manages to gain control and you end up with a algae on the sides of the pool. This occurs more often after thunderstorms and heavy rains, which wreak havoc on the pH of swimming pool water.

A sparkling swimming pool for summer

As we head towards the hot summer months, those of us with swimming pools are looking forward to refreshingly cool dips throughout the season. Here are a few tips to keep your swimming pool sparkling and clean.

Put in a lap pool

Homeowners are realising the benefits of installing lap pool as opposed to a conventional swimming pool. As more people look for healthy lifestyle options, the value of installing a lap pool allows you to exercise at home to improve both health and fitness.

Maintain a Kreepy Krauly

Whilst giving my swimming pool and equipment a quick going over, I noticed that the Kreepy wasn't sucking properly. There could be many reasons for this, but one that is simple to sort out is to replace the diaphragm.

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How to replace a pool pump

Like most things you buy these days, pool pumps have a life expectancy. The average pool pump will probably last about 4 to 5 years, maybe longer if you are lucky. But sooner or later you are going to have to replace the pool pump.

Pool conversion to aquaculture and fish pond

This is a handyman guide to a swimming pool conversion to aquaponics. I thought I'd write this up so others thinking of doing the same thing could see what might work and what not.

Pool makeover with Cemcrete PoolCrete

During the winter of 2010 I gave our pool a makeover using Cemcrete. The pool was previously painted with epoxy paint that, due to incorrect application, only lasted six months. I am not blaming the epoxy pool paint, only the idiot that applied it.

Does your pool look like a swamp?

If your swimming pool is starting to look like a crocodile infested swamp - it's time to get take remedial action.

Design a small water feature

Enjoy the benefits of a water feature in your garden without spending a lot of time or money

Quick and easy water feature

This fountain is made from one deep pot and one shallow pot. Each pot has a single drain hole in its bottom.

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Mill stone water fountain

This little fountain, modelled after an old millstone, is the perfect size to tuck into a spot near your patio.

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