I'm Impressed with the Zodiac MX8 Elite Pool Cleaner

After buying more than a few pool cleaners for my pool, I'm impressed that the Zodiac  MX8 Elite Pool Cleaner does everything it is supposed to do... and more!




I seem to have one of those problem pools where automatic pool cleaners don't quite do the job; they either get stuck up at the top end where the water flow releases into the pool, stuck at the bottom where there is a substantial dip in the pool, or don't get round to all the areas in the pool. My swimming pool is not an unusual shape but I have yet had one that can clean all the way up the edges and clean the steps. I think one problem area stems from the fact that the water flow back into the pool is quite strong and located at the top end of the pool. This seems to push the cleaners away from this area and always leaving dirty spots at the bottom and completely ignoring the steps.

I've also had plenty of years battling with algae that manages to take hold along the top rim of the pool, mostly due to the fact that every single pool cleaner I've had has never even touched this area. We normally end up dragging out the bristle brush to clean off algae build up.







The very clever Zodiac MX8 Elite Pool Cleaner maneuvers his way out of tight spots, zips over steps and cleans faster than any other pool cleaner I've had.



If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I am very frugal when it comes to spending money. I do believe in getting what I pay for but don't believe is spending more than is absolutely necessary. This might be why most of the pool cleaners purchased in the past just haven't done the job. They make no claims to clean difficult pools and mine is obviously a very difficult pool to keep clean. Being fed up replacing pool cleaners over the years, I did a bit of research on the Hug Bug and robotic pool cleaners. I scoured the community forums, checked out Hello Peter and generally collected as much information as I could on what worked and what didn't work. The search helped me discover the Zodiac MX8 Pool Cleaner, even though the 'robotic' part of the description had me wondering, and the price tag, although not hideously expensive, did give me second thoughts, after digging out the credit card and tentatively handing it over, I purchased the Zodiac MX8 Elite Pool Cleaner.


Despite all the brands and models of pool cleaners I've had to date, the Zodiac MX8 is the only one to clean right up to the top of the sides of the pool.



I can honestly say I was impressed and somewhat of a child in glee to watch the robot clean my swimming pool without any effort whatsoever. He went up the steps, cleaned out the top end of the pool, whizzed around the bottom and sucked his way up the sides and around the pool without any effort. What impressed me the most about the Zodiac MX8 was the speed with which it cleaned the pool. The first time I popped him in, it only took him 4 hours to clean the entire pool from top to bottom and side to side - and a dirty pool at that.

Want to see how the Zodiac MX8 does the job? Check out the video below. Oh, and by the way, this is not in any way a sponsored post!






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