What To Look For When It Comes To Choosing Suction Pool Cleaners

If you have an outdoor pool a suction pool cleaner can help make maintaining pool water a tireless and easy process.


Why Are Suction Pool Cleaners Useful?

Before we dwell on the benefits of owning a suction pool cleaner let us first discuss what a suction pool cleaner is and what it can do. Suction pool cleaners attach to your existing pool skimmer and filtration system and are an effective way to extract debris from surface pool water. Think of suction pool cleaners as vacuums that clean the surface water of your pool just like the vacuum cleaners in your home.

If you own an outdoor pool in your backyard that is within close proximity of trees and other forms of debris than owning a powerful suction cleaner can be a real lifesaver. They are ideal for removing finer debris and sucking up leaves that collect at the surface and bottom of your swimming pool. More modern suction pool cleaners even come with wall scrubbing abilities that make pool maintenance a breeze.

Choosing The Right Suction Pool Cleaner

Looking for suction pool cleaners online or in pool shops can quickly become confusing as they are so many options available. You can be offered or tempted to buying in on brands that you have never heard off and end up with something that complicates life rather than easing it.

When choosing a suction pool cleaner the first thing you should look at is whether the suction pool cleaner you purchase works on your pool surface whether it is for Pebble Tec, fiberglass, vinyl, concrete or any other material.

The next thing you should look at is compatibility. Suction pool cleaner dependent on the existing pump and filtration system in your swimming pool. Hence, it is important that the suction cleaner you select is compatible with the current pool system.

The performance and efficiency of your suction pool cleaner can also vary depending on the condition and power of your current filtration system. It is best to check with the experts to ensure that your current system is in good shape before adding to it.

To get the maximum benefit out of your suction pool cleaner it is important that your entire pool system is in tip-top shape.

Things to consider before purchase

They are several factors that need to be considered before making a purchase decision regarding what suction pool cleaner is best for your pool needs.

The Pool Surface

Most suction pool cleaners are manufactured to deal with particular pool surface types and may not be suitable for use on all pool surfaces. Depending on your pool surface type it is always recommended to ask whether a particular suction pool cleaner works on the pool surface of your swimming pool and how effective is it in those conditions.

The Type of Hose

The best suction pool cleaners come with heavy-duty durable hoses that aren’t susceptible to leaks, tears or entanglement. The hose that the suction pool cleaner comes with is often a good indication of the quality of the product. Inferior quality hoses are often the most infuriating thing about suction pool cleaners so watch out for these.

Flappers or Wheels

Suction pool cleaners generally come in two design types; flappers and wheels. Flappers are great for sucking up debris at the bottom of your pool while wheeled suction pool cleaners allow for wall climbing and often come with scrubbing features that are a great way to get rid of built-up debris and algae.

Brushes or No Brushes?

Bristles and brushes can really come in handy when you are looking to clean up muck, algae, and debris built-up on pool walls and floors. A suction pool cleaner that comes equipped with these features can cost a bit more but can help greatly improve your pool water clarity levels. They also make pool maintenance that much easier and cost-effective eliminating the need for heavy chemical use.

Control & Maneuverability

A suction pool cleaner should be lightweight and easy to maneuver so you can get around obstacles and hard to reach places with relative ease. Wheeled suction pool cleaners generally have climbing abilities and offer better control and maneuverability that flapper based models.

Reliability & Durability

It is highly recommended to choose a brand name suction pool cleaner as they tend to be a lot more durable and reliable than cheaper replicas or lesser-known brands. Suction pool cleaners are necessary but can be expensive so always choose one that offers the greatest life-span to get the most value for your money.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

Reputable manufacturers often offer the best warranty terms. Suction pool cleaners are not cheap so making sure you read up on warranty terms and conditions and look for manufacturers that offer the best protection is often the smart way to shop for any type of pool equipment.

Suction Power

There is no point in getting a suction pool cleaner that is unable to deal with the type of debris you are trying to get rid of. Some suction pool cleaners are more adept at sucking up finer particles and contaminants than others while some are meant for sucking up larger debris such as leaves.

Having a powerful and efficient suction motor can be the difference between a sparkling pool and one that looks clean.


The best suction pool cleaners offer modern features such as programmable timers and intelligent navigation that ultimately automates a lot of the processes associated with pool maintenance.


Choosing a suction pool cleaner that is easy to maintain and offers reusable and easy to change filters can make life that much easier when it comes to maintaining your pool at the standards you desire.

The Best Suction Pool Cleaner

Based on the information above you now have the information needed to understand exactly what type of suction pool cleaner you need that would work best for your pool cleaning requirements.



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