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Coating for a pool

If your swimming pool is looking like it was hit by a hurricane, take solace in the knowledge that it is possible to repair.


How is it possible to remedy the damage to a swimming pool without breaking the bank and without re-plastering your pool? Cemcrete offer a cement-based coating that is applied easily and quickly using a paintbrush. Cemcrete Pool Coating is a professionally applied product that is intended to revitalise a pool and is an alternative to re-plastering.

GOOD TO KNOW: Cemcrete Pool Coating is a once-off application and surface preparation is vital. This product must be applied by an approved installer to ensure successful application.

Cemcrete Pool Coating is a 2-pack cement-based coating containing a bonding liquid and cement-based powder mix. It is applied easily over the existing surface. The product sets rock hard and performs well underwater and is not damaged by repeated scrubbing. Pool Coating has excellent bond, flexural and tensile strength, good abrasion and chemical resistance and reduced drying shrinkage. It is non-hazardous and applied with a paintbrush.

Pool Coating is an alternative to the hassle of re-plastering a swimming pool and becomes an integral part of the pool plaster. Before application the existing surface must be repaired and any cracks or holes filled with Cemcrete Underwater Pool Patching. Any algae present needs to be removed.

The coverage rate of Pool Coating is approximately 25m² - depending on environmental conditions. The product tends to thicken in the drum in warm / humid weather, which reduces the coverage achieved. Pool Coating is available in White, Abbotsford Green, Blue, Turquoise, Sandstone and Charcoal.


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