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Get your pool ready for Spring

Spring is not too far away, and it's time to grab the pool test kit and pool cleaning equipment to get that pool ready for the swimming season!


Skim away debris

Remove any pool cover so that you can skim the top of the pool to remove any floating debris. If there's debris or stagnant water on the pool cover, avoid getting this into the pool water as it will make adjusting the pool water that much more difficult.

Top up pool water

If the water level has dropped, pop a hose pipe into the pool to fill it up.

Clean baskets

Empty weir and filter baskets and inspect for damage.

Replace pool filter sand

If you haven't replaced the sand for at least 5 years, now is a good time to clean out and replace. You will find step-by-step instructions here for replacing pool filter sand.

Testing pool water

Use a pool test kit to check the water levels and treat accordingly. The kit should offer advice on what the correct levels should be and what products you need to adjust.

Testing and balancing the pool water is important, no matter the colour. Once the pH levels are right you can proceed to shock treat the water to raise the chlorine level and eliminate bacteria and other unwanted elements. If there is algae in the pool, use an algaecide to treat this. All the products you need to get your pool ready for the months ahead can be found at Builders Warehouse.

GOOD TO KNOW: If the pool water has reached the stage of no return, you will need to drain the pool and start again. Once the pool is empty you can undertake repairs to the pool itself, maintain pool lights, and fix any problems with the pipes or pump. However, DO check with your local Municipality that there are no water restrictions in force.

GOOD TO KNOW: While it's fun for you and your dog to swim in a pool, it's not good for your pool - or your dog. Chlorine definitely isn't good for a dog's coat and can irritate the skin. Dog hair can also quickly clog up a sand filter and is not hygienic for anyone swimming in the pool. Keep doggy fun in the pool to a minimum.


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