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Benefits of Having an Above-Ground Pool Installed

There are several benefits to having an above-ground pool installed and we take an in-depth look at these benefits.




Many families yearn for a swimming pool in their garden, but the reality is that it is an expensive option that very few can afford these days. There are also those that are renting a property and therefore have no solution to installing a swimming pool. In an ideal world, anyone would have the funds and space to install a pool but sadly that is not the case. However, there is a solution and one that is often overlooked yet provides the perfect opportunity to invest in a swimming pool and that it an above-ground pool installation.









Benefits of an Above-Ground Swimming Pool

If your family are nagging for a swimming pool in the garden and the blow-up paddling pool no longer provides enough fun, you don't have to look at spending an outrageous amount to have a pool installed if you consider the alternative of an above-ground swimming pool.



An advantage of an above-ground swimming pool is that it is the perfect solution for anyone renting their property. It is portable enough to set up and can easily be emptied, packed up and moved to your new rental home.





No Waiting Time - Instant Use

With the installation of an above-ground swimming pool there is no waiting time, you buy install and set up as easily and as quickly as that. You will find a selection of above-ground swimming pools at Builders Warehouse, and you get to choose one that comes in on budget and meets the needs of your family.







An above-ground swimming pool takes up far less space than an in ground-pool and you get to choose the best position for the pool since it is portable. You don't have to worry about digging up the garden, removing rubble and the lengthy process involved in installing an in ground-pool.





Fun for the Whole Family


The kids will love their above-ground swimming pool and you get more use of this type of pool because the water is warmer, and it is easy to install an insulating blanket over the top when the weather cools. Treat your family to fun outdoors where everyone can enjoy exercise and cooling down on a hot summer's day. At a cost ranging from R3,500 you can opt for the Bestway Frame Pool that is 760mm in height and 3660mm in diameter, and that way big enough for the kids.









Price is More Affordable

With the price of a 3660mm diameter pool at around R3,500, this is a fraction of what it would cost to have a swimming pool installed in the ground. It might not be a humongous pool, but it is more than large enough to keep the kids occupied during the hotter months of the year and also to have a place to kick back and relax.





Negative Points to Keep in Mind

As with everything these days, there are both pros and cons when looking at purchasing an above-ground swimming pool. Top of the list of cons is the fact that the sides of the pool can be easily damaged. The solution to this is to partially submerge the pool or build a decorative feature around the pool frame that will offer some protection. Putting a surround frame or deck around the above-ground pool will also make the pool more of a feature in the garden.







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