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Make your own Clay Pot Water Feature

Having a water feature in your garden, even a small garden, adds an interesting element that cools you down in the heat of summer.


This clay pot water feature is easy enough to make over a weekend and will provide a cooling feature in the garden that you can stare at for hours. While this feature is made using clay or terracotta pots, you can easily substitute with plastic pots if you want to keep the cost down.



The pots used to make this water fountain are quite large, the finished fountain stands about 80cm in height is almost 80cm in diameter, so it holds a substantial amount of water. Once again, you can vary the size of the pots if you want to fit it into a smaller space.







1. To set up your own water fountain you are going to need a pump. The water pump is mounted in the large bottom basin and the power cord fed through a hole drilled in the base. Once the power cord for the plug is fed through the hole, you need to seal this off. You can use silicone to close off the hole.



2. With the pump in place you can start to assemble the clay pots to build up the water fountain. Use assorted sizes of pots and trays to increase the height of your water fountain, letting the pump tube pass through the holes in the clay pots.

3. When you reach the top of the fountain you need to use copper or galvanised fittings to hold the top of the fountain pipe in place. This fitting is glued to the top pot and has a leak-tight seal for the topmost basin.

4. A small clay saucer is mounted at the top of the fountain and supported by a washer soldered in position. This small saucer catches water out of the fountain top and lets it flow over and into the arrangement of bowls below.



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