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Tips for a sparkling pool

When the weather starts to warm up it's time to get into action if you want a sparkling pool for the summer. Here are some key tips to keep your pool in tip-top condition.


Perfect Balance

Optimal alkalinity is different depending on whether you have a Marbelite or fibreglass pool. For the latter is should be between 120 and 150ppm (parts per million). For a marbelite or plaster pool it should be between 80 and 120ppm. Regularly test pool water to ensure it is correctly balanced for a sparkling pool throughout summer. 

The pH level for your pool should be around 7.4. This is essential for the chlorine to do its job, since chlorine works best at a pH of 7.2. Anything above and below that will burn your eyes and cause itchy skin, or even bleach swimming costumes and hair!

When the pH is too high add half a litre of hydrochloric acid into a bucket of water and pour evenly around the edge of the pool. Test the pH after two hours and repeat if necessary.

If the pH is too low and you have a marbelite pool, add soda ash to up the pH. For a fibreglass pool, add bicarbonate of soda. Both products are available in the pool section at your local Builders..

Keep it clean

Investing in accessories for your pool is worth the outlay. A leaf skimmer can actually save you money on chemicals. Leaves and algae deplete chlorine quickly, which means you use more chlorine if you don't keep the pool clean. Regularly brushing down the sides of a pool prevents algae build up and reduces the possibility of stains. 

Pool Cleaners

If you are buying a new or replacement pool cleaner, be aware that the length of the pipe should be the length of your pool plus one more section. Any longer and the pool pipe with loop and bend too much and the pool cleaner will require more power from the pump. If the pipe is too short it won't be able to clean the entire pool.

GOOD TO KNOW: You can buy a Hose Swivel at your local Builders. A Hose Swivel stops pool pipes from tangling and allows for better floor and wall coverage of your automatic pool cleaner. It also reduces the possibility of pool pipe splitting and scuffing.

Adding chlorine

New pool owners should know that it is better to add chlorine in the evening. UV light breaks down chlorine and makes it ineffective, so only add chlorine to the pool at night time.

GOOD TO KNOW: You can add a stabiliser to your chlorine regimen to make it last longer. Ask the staff in the pool section at your local Builders store for more information on this product.


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