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Room for a small pool

For many, a home is not a home if it doesn't have a swimming pool. With our hot summers, a pool is the perfect way to cool off. But with the size of most gardens shrinking, so does the size of the pool.


Even a small splash pool offers a way to cool down during the hot summers, and a place for the kids to spend weekends. What is beneficial about a smaller pool is that it uses less water, less chemicals and less maintenance, and with water restrictions a National concern, a smaller pool is easier to manage.

An increasing trend for homeowners installing a pool, is to have a lap pool installed. The benefits of this type of pool are two-fold. Not only is it a cool place to take a dip when the weather is hot, it's also perfect for keeping fit.

A lap pool is narrow and long, but an alternative to a long lap pool is to attach a swimming tether to one end, and in this way you can swim forever! Swimming tethers are available at Sportsman's Warehouse and similar supply stores.

If you are considering installing a small pool in the garden, have it positioned to take advantage of full sun to heat up the pool without the aid of an expensive pool heating system. Another option, and one that I have personally done to my pool, is to have Cemcrete PoolCrete in a charcoal colour applied to the inside of the pool. The dark colour absorbs heat and warms up the temperature of a small pool.

Another important consideration when having a pool installed in a small garden, is the pool surround. Nowadays there are plenty of options to choose from, from artificial grass, flagstones, to composite decking. Look at the layout of your garden and where the pool will be placed so that you can decide the best option for your particular situation.

Artificial turf is perfect for an area where children also need space to play, while a more solid surface is easy to maintain if you do lots of outdoor entertaining.


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