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Heat wave plays havoc with pools

Pool owners have the luxury of taking a dip to cool down when it's hot, but the heat means more maintenance for a swimming pool.


The current high temperatures experienced around the country are warming up swimming pools to the extent that the water temperature is ideal for algae growth. More attention needs to be given to a pool to ensure that algae does not have the opportunity to take over the pool and turn the water into pea soup!

If you did already know it, Builders have an extensive selection of pool maintenance products that will keep your pool looking crystal clear and refreshingly enticing. Whether you need spare parts for the pool cleaner or HTH for dosing, you are sure to find what you need.

To make your life easier and make sure that you stay on top of pool maintenance this summer, download a step-by-step booklet that offers comprehensive advice and tells you what you will need to ensure a sparkling pool.


◊ To reduce electricity consumption only switch on the pool filtration system at night. Set the timer to run from 10pm to 6am (off peak hours) and you will have a clean pool for less.

◊ Water restrictions around the country vary from region to region, so check with you local municipality before topping up a swimming pool to avoid penalties for excessive water usage, and also do your bit.

◊ Ask children and visitors not to splash around in the pool as this results in water wastage.

◊ Turn off fountains and water features that run off the pool to reduce evaporation. If you have a pool cover, put this in place when not in use, as this also cuts down on evaporation.

◊ Test the pool water more frequently that usual - perhaps 2 or 3 times a week - to ensure pH and other levels remain constant.


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