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How To Keep Your Pool Looking Perfect

With a bit of expert advice and a little bit of time over the weekend you can save thousands of rands and host beautiful outdoor summer shindigs.






We’ve all seen them, the unkempt gardens with the swimming pool that looks like it could be home to the Ninja Turtles. The surface is a slushy green with all types of little bugs skirting along the surface drag racing one another. When children hear the word “swimming pool” they excitedly rush over to it hoping for a little frolic and instead all they get is disappointment. No one wants to own that pool and fortunately you don’t have to.

Senior manager of integrated campaigns at Builder’s Roshana Burnett says “People often think that garden and pool maintenance is this big professional job that needs you to hire someone to help you look after it. Nothing could be further from the truth. With a bit of expert advice and a little bit of time over the weekend you can save thousands of rands and host beautiful outdoor summer shindigs,”.







Taking care of your pool and garden doesn’t need to be a seasonal activity. In fact, if you keep up some basic maintenance throughout the year, you’ll find it much easier to keep much easier to keep them looking pristine. In fact if you want an IG worthy pool and garden all year round, try following these tips:





Crystal Clear Water:

Having a pool can be low maintenance if you just remember to do it regularly.


● The first thing you need to do is to check the pool pump, skimmer basket, filter and pool cleaner. Listen for gurgling, look for holes and make sure everything works. If you have a pool cover be sure to remove it carefully so that any stagnant water on top of it doesn’t affect the pH of your pool. If you don’t have a pool cover, get one as a matter of urgency.



● Next top up your pool and then test the chemical balances of the water. The pH levels should be 7,2 to 7,8. The chlorine levels should be 1 to 3ppm and the alkalinity 80 to 125ppm. Finally the Stabiliser should hover around 30ppm and the calcium hardness at 150 to 280ppm. These numbers may seem daunting but you can just take a jug of your pool water to your nearest Builders and they will do the rest for you.







● Once you know your numbers, balance your water’s pH. That may mean doing shock treatment, it may mean just adding a few sprinkles of chlorine. Again, your advisor at Builders will be able to help.



● Keep your pool healthy by regularly with a balance of algicides, balancers and sanitizers.



● Should it turn out that Ninja Turtles do live in your pool or it is beyond saving in some other way then you may just need to drain it and start from scratch again.





We are still knee deep in a South African summer, so it is critical to keep your pool in good shape. Moreover, a sparkling pool can really brighten up your garden and gives your kids something to do other than playing online games.





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