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Close Off Swimming Pool with Glass Panel Fence

If you are looking for options to fence off your pool area, consider one that won't compromise the view of the garden and the swimming pool.



Many homeowners still want to have a sparkling swimming pool in their garden; a pool where the kids can splash and have fun during the hot summers or where the grown-ups can gather in the evenings to relax and soak up the ambience of a sparkling pool. With the installation of a swimming pool comes the responsibility of fitting appropriate safety measures with the installation of a fence around the pool.

Due to the high incidence of drowning in residential pools, your pool must be fenced off. But what impact will fencing off the pool area have on the aesthetics of your garden or outdoor area?





Meeting local rules and regulations

Your local Town Planning requires the installation of a safety fence around any residential swimming pool - small or large. While the implementation of this rule is understandable when one looks at the high incidence of drowning in residential pools, for those pool owners who didn't factor in this safety feature, finding the right pool fence is a tricky one.







No one wants a pool area that is closed off with steel railings or pool fencing that detracts from the overall atmosphere surrounding a swimming pool and subsequently bring down the property value of a home.


For many pool owners, especially those with smaller gardens, finding space to install a pool fence around a swimming pool is a logistical nightmare.


Collaborate with garden landscape designers

When deciding to install a swimming pool. one way to ensure your pool and garden area look stunning is to consult with a landscape designer who can look at the project from a different angle and offer alternatives that you may have overlooked. From the onset, they will be able to advise you on the best location for the swimming pool and also ensure municipal regulations are met as regards the safety fence - without any repercussions on the appearance of the outcome.









Glass panels to close off a pool area

One material that meets all the requirements of safely closing off a swimming pool is glass panels. Not only is safety glass extremely safe but it is also the least intrusive material, allowing you to provide essential safety measures without compromising on the view and also offers low-maintenance.

Yes, glass might be more expensive than other options but ultimately it is a durable and long-lasting material that can look stunning in a garden setting. For those with larger pools that need to be closed off, you can look at a solution that involves both glass and a more affordable option combined, only using glass panels for visible areas.




Affordability and longevity

Glass may be considered an expensive material for pool fencing, but whilst it might cost you more upfront to ensure that compliance with local regulations and design aesthetics come out on top. That way, the initial investment is more often than not worth it in the long term.

When it comes to your swimming pool, safety is the main priority after that comes aesthetics but if you install a fence option that destroys the overall look and feel of your garden, the value of your property is likely to suffer.






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