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How to fix a cracked pool pipe

Sometimes accidents happen, in this case a pipe from the swimming pool to the pump was broken in one place and cracked in another. This is an easy fix if you have a length of PVC pipe and some Tangit PVC-U adhesive, and the problem can be fixed so your pool is ready for action in 24 hours! 


Despite repeated instructions on being especially careful when digging around the pool pipes to install paving, the pool pipe was chipped with a garden spade and water started gushing out. Don't panic. The first step is to switch off the pump, the second is to run 'waste' cycle to lower the level of the water in the pool to just below the weir. Let the excess water drain into the surrounding soil before you get to work.

You will need to remove as much soil (mud) around the damaged section of the pipe for fitting a cap over the top. Use a clean cloth to dry along the length and sides of the pipe.

Use a Dremel MultiTool and cutting disc or junior hacksaw to cut a piece of new PVC pipe that is slightly more than half in diameter and at least 20 centimetres longer than the damaged area. For example, if the crack is 5 centimetres long, cut a section 25 centimetres in length.

Apply Tangit PVC-U adhesive liberally to the back of the cut piece of PVC pipe and immediately place this on top of the broken section.

When cut just more than half in diameter the new piece slips easily over the top of the broken pipe and clips in place. Hold securely for 5 minutes and then leave to dry for 24 hours before turning the pool pump on.

Tangit PVC-U weld adhesive is formulated to bond by slightly melting the PVC in order to weld PVC to PVC rigid pipes or unplasticised PVC fittings. The product can be used on piping up to 0-16 bar pressure, which means it is ideal for using on pool water pipes.

You will find Tangit PVC-U adhesive on the shelf at your local Builders Warehouse.