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Quick and easy water feature

This fountain is made from one deep pot and one shallow pot. Each pot has a single drain hole in its bottom.



Plastic bucket, slightly wider than the diameter of the large pot base
Tin snips
Drill with a masonry bit
Submersible fountain pump
Square of very sturdy expanded steel mesh
2m. of plastic tubing that fits the pump outlet
Two glazed ceramic containers, one smaller in diameter so it nests into the other
Silicone caulking
Stones to cover the steel mesh



1. Dig a hole in the soil deep enough to hold the plastic bucket. Using tin snips or a drill, create a 25mm notch in the bucket rim. Put the bucket into the hole with its rim at ground level. Set the pump in the bucket.

2. Using tin snips, cut a square opening (25mm across) in the centre of the mesh square.

3. Attach the plastic tube to the pump, then thread it through the centre opening in the steel mesh. Position the mesh square atop the bucket. Pull out the free end of the pump's power cord; position so it exits the bucket through the cut notch.

4. Slide the plastic tubing's free end through the drain hole of the large pot.

5. Centre the large pot atop the steel mesh and slide it down the tubing until it sits firmly on the mesh.

6. Put a bead of silicone caulking around the inside of the outer container. Slip the shallow bowl into the outer container, fitting its drain hole over the plastic tubing; trim the top of the tube so that its end is flush with the bottom of the shallow bowl. Make sure the bowl's rim has good contact with the caulking. Allow the caulking to dry overnight.

7. Put landscaping rocks around the pot to hide the mesh.

8. Fill the plastic bucket under the fountain with water, and turn on the pump.

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