Shipping Containers converted into Swimming Pools

There's a new trend around the globe... converting shipping containers into swimming pools.


There is a new trend around the globe, and it's also happening right here in South Africa. The renovation revolution now includes the conversion of shipping containers into swimming pools, and this is another way that we are looking at using already manufactured materials into useable items. In fact, converting a shipping container into a swimming pool allows you to DIY your own swimming pool at the fraction of what it costs to have a pool installed in your garden.

Converting a shipping container into a swimming pool for your garden is most definitely an alternative option to investing a ton of money into building your own swimming pool. These containers are used to ship goods around the world and many people are realising the value of a novel way of re-purposing these to build their own swimming pool.



Shipping containers aren't something new to be used as an alternative to conventional construction methods, and hundreds of shipping containers have already been converted into homes, offices, shops and even schools. But the new trend for turning them into swimming pools is definitely something new. With a lifespan of up to 15 years of use as a container to transport goods, these containers are dumped and stacked and left to rust, despite the fact that they are designed to last far longer. There are thousands of these containers lying unused... waiting for someone to re-purpose them into something useful.

According to Big Box, a container supply company here in South Africa, converting a shipping container into a swimming pool is an easy option as opposed to a pre-fabricated fibreglass pool or concrete pool. The shipping containers can be used as the shell for the pool and you have the option of either sinking the container into the ground or simply placing above-ground in your garden.



The container itself is sealed and waterproofed to be able to handle the amount of water, and the corners and seams are welded to strengthen the structure. With all these added element, the container should last many lifetimes with very little pool maintenance required. Included below is a video from Shipping Container Pools, a company that converts shipping containers for swimming pools that can be installed in any garden.

Watch the video below to see how a shipping container is converted into a fully functional swimming pool. 




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