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Make a Small Garden Appear Visually Larger

Not everyone home has a large plot of land for a fully landscaped garden, but there are plenty of ways to make a small garden appear visually larger.


Townhouse living is on the up-and-up and the sprawling gardens of yesteryear have been replaced with smaller plots of land that don't leave much space once the house has been built. But even a small garden can be made to appear larger by using a few clever garden design tips and tricks. We compiled a selection of top tips to make even the smallest garden look bigger:



Climb the walls

Walls and fences often get overlooked when you're looking for ways to landscape a small garden, yet it's these two elements that you should be using to the fullest advantage. A vertical wall, whether for growing plants or vegetables, will provide a touch of greenery to the space without taking up too much space.






Carefully arrange what you have

Laying out long lines of pots or plants will only accentuate a small or narrow garden. It is far better to set up clustered arrangements of pots - set at varying heights - to create the illusion of more space. You can even use larger pots for growing climbers or tall shrubs that can be used for screening if you require privacy. However, do check with your garden centre that any plants you buy are suitable for growing in pots and their requirements as concerns sun, shade and watering, etc.

When arranging a cluster of potted plants you can bring even more interest by choosing the right plants for the containers. Tall, lacy plants go at the back of the arrangement with small succulents or annuals at the front. Select plants for their foliage and then for colour to achieve the perfect arrangement.

Buy the right furniture

Ditch large, bulky garden furniture for pieces that are streamlined. Smaller furniture equals more space and the right furniture can add to the illusion of a larger space. Lighter colours or materials also help to visually enlarge a small garden. Think whimsical wrought iron or steel furniture, rattan pieces in light colours, or modern aluminium furniture.






Don't forget to layer

By using layers it is easier to add depth to a small garden and you can be clever so as not to overwhelm the space. Think of walls and fences as the first layer, add an arrangement of potted plants as the second layer and then work around this to bring your furniture and accessories into the space.



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