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O’Neill’s Green Services- Check out Benefits and More Here

Artificial greenery or grass looks real and such artificial greens are usually seen in residents, offices, playgrounds, football grounds, and more.


Waking up every morning and seeing greenery in your lawns make you feel more refreshing, isn’t it? But maintaining natural greenery around your house and lawn area is a cumbersome task. Watering them and regular cutting is required to maintain the greenery on the lawn. All this needs time and care which not everyone can give. Hence, using O'Neill's Green Services is the best option. Artificial greenery or grass looks real. Such artificial greens are usually seen in residents, offices, playgrounds, football grounds, and more.

They are sustainable green solutions for all those who love green but hate maintaining it. No feeding, no watering, and only eco-friendly and aesthetic greens in your lawn. They don’t fade and sustain for approx 10 years or more.

Benefits of using artificial greens by O'Neill's Green Services


Natural greens grow faster and thus require regular maintenance. Also, they attract small insects and termites to the lawn. Moreover, they don’t grow equally to all areas of the lawn. Hence, artificial greens are good as they don’t offer these problems. Cleaning them is easy just with a leaf blower to remove the old leaves.


Natural greens need pesticides and more chemicals to keep those small insects away. But small children who play in the ground don’t know about them. They can get allergies from those chemicals and fertilizer. On the other hand, artificial greens are safe as you don’t have to use such chemicals on them. They are ADA tested thus safe to use in public areas and office.


Natural grass fades with time in harsh weather conditions. You may not feel fresh greens anymore especially in summers. Moreover, you cannot enjoy natural greens in shaded yards as they will become dull due to lack of sunshine. On the other side, artificial greens can withstand all these issues. They need no sunshine to look bright. Their natural color doesn’t fade with time.


These durable glasses are long term investment as they don’t ruin in a year. A good grass from O'Neill's Green Services lasts longer for years.

Kids and Pet-friendly

Kids and pets can cause damage to your lawn. Dog especially loves digging mud thus ruining all your efforts to make your lawn beautiful and green. However, artificial lawn grass will have no impact as they are durable and strong.

Where to use O'Neill's Green Services?

You can install artificial turf anywhere for any purpose. Pet areas, schools, playgrounds, batting cages, golf ball court, putting greens, and commercial lawns are some of its examples. It enhances the aesthetic appeal of your lawn and office. Moreover, installing them is easy, unlike natural grass. It will be placed within 2-3 days depending upon the size of the installation.

More installation options


The commercial facility usually uses synthetic grass to reduce maintenance costs. They also require no monthly cost for irrigation. Moreover, their aesthetic look makes it good for commercial applications.


Many homeowners apply them on rooftops as well. Usually, this space is left unused but with the addition of artificial greens, you can enhance its boring looks.

Unique Interiors

They are usually seen in interiors of restaurants, hotels, offices, and malls to enhance the interior look of space. They are a unique way to décor the interiors with greenery. Moreover, the soft and clean texture gives a pleasant feel to the viewers. It makes you feel like you are not inside.

O'Neill's Green Services are cost-effective.

Apart from this, they offer other services of O'Neill's Green. They are experienced in designing patios for your home. No matter what your budget is you can design your home with their services.

Attached patio- these are open-air patio designed near a house.

Detached patio- they are installed in gardens and may or may not have roofs. Alfresco, living room, bistro-style, and pergolas are some common types of detached patio designs. The bistro-style patio is good for more privacy meetings like dinner for two.  For more space and accommodation, the alfresco patio is good.

Your home improvement expert O’Neill is perfect for all the green solutions at home, office, and other commercial applications. They serve driveways, bocce ball courts, patio covers, putting greens, and more. You can execute any landscape project using O’Neill’s green services.

Their services are for all those who want to enjoy beautiful and aesthetics surroundings at home or in their office. These low maintenance and cost-effective green solutions by them are soothing to your eye.

Moreover, they are perfect for those who are looking for comforts, time-saving and luxury green solutions. Setting them is easy with O’Neill’s green services. All variety of greens ranging from light to dark colors, short to large sizes are available. They are very attractive and give a natural look to your landscape project. They are ideal for applying around the borders of the walkway, swimming pool, playgrounds, and in your mini-home golf course

These are water and dust-resistant grass that never wears out in harsh weather. This long-lasting solution is cost-effective too. So, give a new look to your house by using their services.

They serve all over the country without fail. Moreover, you can use their services in different sectors. These professional green services can work on areas like a porch, stairs, seat wall, rooftops, pavers, hardscape, pathways, driveways, walkways, and more.

So, enjoy your outdoors like an indoor environment in your home. No matter what the space size is, applying these green solutions are not tough and time taking. You can quickly transform your property into an aesthetic one within a few days with their services. Their creative designers work perfectly to make your outdoor living space amazing. Their green solutions are perfectly functional and elegant due to their strong material usage.

Maintaining them is no big deal for years. You can enjoy them without worrying about getting damaged by kids and pets. They will not harm the artificial green as they are durable. So, get ready to enjoy the green look in your home’s lawn for years.



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