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Give Your Garden A Budget Makeover

With the restrictions of a countrywide pandemic, more people will be spending time at home in the garden, so update your outdoor area for a garden you will enjoy - on a budget.





Like it or not, we are going to be spending more time at home in the coming spring and summer months, so it makes sense to get out into the garden and implement one or more of these budget garden ideas to ensure your outdoor space is a place you love to spend more time.

No matter if your garden is just a balcony, a small patch of lawn, or an outdoor area where you love to spend time, you're going to be spending a lot more time at home as a result of the countrywide restrictions, so we put together some great budget ideas to make your time spent at home more enjoyable.




After winter, most gardens need a bit of cleaning up, from pulling out weeds to remove dead plants and trimming back overgrown bushes and shrubs. Cleaning up doesn't cost anything and will clear the way to taking a better look at your outdoor space to decide how best to give it a budget makeover.







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This is one task that tends to get overlooked when it comes round to painting the exterior of a house. Walls, fences and gates need just as much TLC as the exterior of your home, and it won't cost you much to grab a can of exterior sealer or paint to revamp your outdoors. A new lick of sealer or paint instantly refreshes and brightens a garden, so think about adding a splash of colour to the space if your garden is not filled with flowering plants

Pop into your local paint store or Builders and select a product that is specifically designed for outdoor use. Today's paints have been proved to be ideal for painting exterior wood, so here's an easy way to splash some colour on a garden fence or garden gate.







Garden sheds are great for storing all your gardening tools, but don't let your garden shed become an eyesore.



Not everyone who has a garden is good at gardening, some homeowners have a lot of lawn and very little in the way of beds, borders or interesting features. An easy way to introduce some colour into a blank garden is with hanging baskets or window boxes. Once planted up with colourful plants, the only attention they need is regular watering. And for the homeowner who has absolutely no idea, pop into your local garden centre and you will be able to purchase hanging baskets filled with colourful plants - ready to hang up.







Basket and window boxes are also a simple way to dress up a balcony or tiny garden with some colourful plants. If you visit our Garden section, we even have some easy DIY window boxes you can make using scrap or pallet wood.


No matter how small the garden, there's always room for a container or two to fill with colourful annuals and perennials.



If your current garden design ends up as a muddy mess when the rains arrive, it's time to think about using permeable materials to provide a safe footing. Permeable materials are those that allow water to flow through easily and can be anything from gravel or brick paths to concrete pavers with gaps that allow water flow.


You don't need a professional landscaper to lay these materials as long as you design a feasible plan. Look at areas where water tends to pool or collect and consider how rainwater can be diverted from these areas. A gravel path can weave its way through the garden and adds so much interest.

You don't even have to spend a fortune on materials. Old bricks look stunning when used as paving material and you can combine bricks and gravel for an interesting feature in the garden.


Now that the garden is neat and tidy, problem areas sorted out and some splashes of colour added, now all that's left to do is to set up a comfortable place to sit and relax.




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